January 15, 2013

Vodafone increases internet pack charges!

Netcruise - USB 2G Dongle by Vodafone
Vodafone Netcruise increases prices by 8%, without letting customers know! If you use Netcruise, you might say, why? They used to give 4GB HS Internet on the unlimited plan for Rs. 801, they still have that plan.
Well, here is the catch, earlier that plan used to last 30 days, now that plan lasts only 28 days, so essentialy, every 365 days, you get 24 days of less internet, which for regular internet users like me, we have to now pay Rs. 801 extra every year for 1 year of internet for the same old plan! Oh, moreover to get uninterrupted internet, you have to recharge on the last day (or go to the Vodafone store next day, who has the time to do that?), so essentially every time you recharge, you get 1 less day, which means, for Rs. 9,612 a year, you should get at least 360 days of internet (or ideally, 365 days of internet from a customer's perspective) but you get only 324 days of internet (or 336, if you recharge from a Vodafone store after you pack has finished.)

P.S. : This may be true for other 2G stick USB Dongle providers as well, but I use Vodafone Netcruise, so cannot comment on those.

Also, on the 2G internet pack for mobiles, the price has increased by 24%, earlier Rs. 96 pack used to provide 2GB 2G internet for 30 days, later it was reduced to 1 GB, now it has been further reduced to just 650 MB for 21 days, leading to an effective price increase of twice!

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