December 11, 2013

Bulbul Tunkalia : An Ode to a Wonderful Human Being

Unlike a lot of other posts, this post is in honour of a living person, a very lively person infact.
I have had the honour of knowing you for the last 6 years. 
The way you care for people is extraordinary. I have seen you sacrifice your own wishes for the sake of happiness of your parents & your friends & at times even customers.
Your forgiveness is a rare quality. It gives you the ability to reconcile with people. In the today's world of jealousy, rage & anger, such sobriety & compassion is a rare quality indeed.
Your compassion, forgiveness comes of compassion, empathy, an ability to understand others at a deep emotional level. I have seen you nurture that trait over time & it makes you a pillar of support for people close to you, at times even if you do not realise or practice it intentionally.
You are humble, I have rarely seen you act arrogant or rashly. You are sober & have an air of politeness & humility about you that is seldom in this age of kewl doods & dîváś. To be so straight & truthful about everything you do, that reflects tour inner strength & integrity.
Your class is about style, not showing off. About carrying yourself as a respectable person, not just a glitzy glam girl.
It is out of deep respect for you, my friend, that I write this post, to share with this world that wonderful people still exist in this selfish artificial world.
It has been an honour knowning you & see you become the wonderful person you are.
Sambhav Karnawat

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