January 21, 2014

Vodafone Netcruise settings for Apple Macbook Pro & OS X in India

Vodafone netcruise - how to connect on an Apple Mac or OS X device
You bought a new macbook pro or mac & happily connect your old net cruise device to the USB port, mount the device, see the .dmg file, install it, but when you launch netcruise, it gives you an error! Incompatible version, please check the compatibility with the app developer!
& there goes the excitement of the new laptop!

Worry not, the solution is here.

The problem is that the software for net cruise made for apple OS X is outdated. What we are going to do is simple, we are going to use the netcruise dongle as a modem connected to the macbook pro.

  1. After installing the netcruise app using the .dmg file in the netcruise mounted drive, open the app. It should give you an incompatibility error, which we will ignore.
  2. Next, go to system preferences (click in the gearbox in the dock or the apple icon on the top left & then system preferences) 
  3. Go to Network.
  4. You should see 2 or three ZTE . . .  devices in the left pane. Click on ZTE Wireless Terminal.
  5. In the phone number, enter #777.
  6. Account name : internet@internet.mtsindia.in
  7. Password : Mobile no. of the netcruise 
Click connect & you should be ready to go!

Looking for the Vodafone GPRS APN settings for iPhone? Check it out here : http://sambhav.jewelove.in/2012/03/how-to-setup-apn-on-iphone-for-vodafone.html

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