May 17, 2014

Platinum Jewelry Report : Year Roundup 2013

Platinum Jewelry has become the preferred choice for couples in India. 
A recent study by PGI forecasts India's demand for Platinum in 2014 at 40 tonnes compared to 30 tonnes in 2013, a 41% growth from the previous year.
PGI research shows that the no. of platinum jewelry retailers has gone up to 860 in 2014 from just 15 retailers in 2013.
Although this number is still very small as compared to the number of gold jewelry retailers.
The PGI study, titled 'Retailed trade barometer' found retailers bullish on 2014. Nicholas Graham Smith, CEO of PGI commented, 'There is a very strong consumer desire for platinum jewellery in Jndia, despite the overall market being relatively small in a global context. But it has been growing at an exponential rate. The outlook for 2014 & beyond is positive.'
The above report is courtesy of PGI.

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