January 31, 2015

Canon image class multi function printer drivers for Mac OS Yosemite & Mavericks

I recently bought a Canon MF 3010 for the store. Worked like a charm on the store's Windows PC.
But then I realised that Apple Mac OS does not have native support for canon printers.
However, worry not. Canon provides the .dmg package for Mac OS to install & use Canon multi function printers. And once installed, it works like a charm.

1. Simply download the package from  the canon website. http://www.usa.canon.com/cusa/consumer/products/printers_multifunction/black_white_laser_multifunction/imageclass_mf3010?selectedName=DriversAndSoftware
2. Double click the download to mount the image.
3. Double click the installer to install the drivers.
4. Connect your printer to your Mac OS machine.
Your printer should be auto detected & ready to go!
Good luck!

January 30, 2015

Love and Vulnerability

New experiences in love. Love makes us vulnerable, someone new, someone entirely different sometimes, someone beautiful, someone scary at times, someone who becomes you, who together becomes US, WE, I. But love makes us vulnerable. Yet, the beauty of love lies in the belief that this vulnerability will never be used against you, it will only make you stronger, Love will make us stronger.

January 4, 2015

What is the best way to start a new life?


Google Authorship : The End

Google has withdrawn its authorship program from showing into the Search Results

Google had started the authorship program 3 years back when it started supporting the rel='author' tag & later started showing author photos in the search results. Now, since June 2014 Google stopped showing the author photos & later in August 2014 stopped supporting the rel='author' tag altogether.
Reasons stated were :

  1. Low adoption rates by authors & webmasters.
  2. Low value for searchers.
  3. Minute difference in clickthrough rates

January 3, 2015

The Good Things about Getting Married

Okay, so given my last post on the big fat Indian weddings, it is not that I am against the institution of marriage or something, it is just that it does not make sense to splurge on publicly announcing the wedding. There are a lot of beautiful happenings about weddings especially when you have the right partner and you two connect well. Here are some of those :

  1. You find someone who accepts you for who you are, you have a companion whom you can rely on, someone you can talk about anything, anytime. A friend you can trust, with the most precious gift, yourself.
  2. You get to learn a lot from each other. A LOT. Especially when you complement each other & your partner is smart.
  3. You learn to trust. It is generally difficult to trust people, but when you get married, I learn to trust instinctively.
  4. When you connect well, life becomes beautiful :)
  5. You have a whole new family. Whether you are a girl or a guy, you have people who come close, very close to you.
  6. You learn to adjust & adapt.
  7. & if you have a big fat indian wedding, the whole family has a major get together. lol

January 2, 2015

Wedding Celebrations in India : Announcement of a moving in ceremony

Infamous Big Fat Indian Weddings are a dream wedding for most people. (& yes, I call them infamous because they represent nothing, really.) But really, it is just a bucketload of crap, a very flamboyant announcement of a moving-in ceremony that really serves no other purpose than
  1. Ego satisfaction : The primary purpose it serves is the ego satisfaction of the families & the society. That the whole junta was made part of the 'celebrations'.
  2. Societal announcement about moving in together : The primary need of the wedding celebration is that you have to tell the fucking junta that you are moving in together. 
  3. Public announcement that the couple is going to start having sex. (okay, I am being very naive here thinking that they haven't had sex before marriage)
  4. Serving food to the rich, instead of the poor. Really just think of how many impoverished people can be fed/helped with the money that is spent on gala dinners for the well-to-do.
& yes, I am having a forced-upon-me wedding celebration soon & this post is coming from my very close observation & experience of this stupidity called Big Fat Indian Wedding.

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