February 29, 2012

Facebook Timeline coming for Pages!

YUP! That is true!

Now Facebook Pages will look like your new profile, the TIMELINE! With some rules, though.

Check out facebook timeline for pages at http://www.facebook.com/FineRuby

1. Your cover photo may not contain promotional material.
2. Your cover photo cannot be only text-based.
3. You cannot incentivize download or sharing or liking of your cover photo or use your cover photo for the same.
4. Your cover photo should not ciolate a copyright or infringe other trademarks.

Here's the Big Bonanza
FANS can MESSAGE to the page now! :D :D

If you manage multiple facebook pages like I do, you know how important the Big Bonanza is!

What do you think about timeline for facebook pages?

February 28, 2012

Science of Happiness


What do you think?

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 Video by TED.

Why Videos go Viral?

Presenting this TED talk

February 27, 2012

41 Megapixel Camera in a mobile phone!

Nokia Pureview 808 with 41 Megapixel Camera
41 Megapixel Camera on a mobile phone! (& no, I did not miss a decimal)
Besides that one hell of camera, 808 features a 1.3 single-core processor, 512MB of RAM, 4-inch AMOLED (active-matrix organic light-emitting diode) display, and a curved plate of Gorilla Glass to cover it up. 808′s crazy camera features a Carl Zeiss lens, and is capable of recording video in 1080p. Despite Nokia’s branding, you’ll only ever be able to capture images as large as 38 megapixels (I guess that would still be fine for most of the junta)

The obvious bad thing here is the thing’s size — the 808′s thick body certainly makes it a handful, and the large camera pod juts out of the device’s rear end pretty dramatically.

Coming to the important part, the price, no idea what will it be in India & more importantly, when will it be available in India, but it is expected to be shoppable in Europe this year at Euro 450 "only".

February 26, 2012

The Best Startup to intern with


Seriously, the best startup to intern with is your own, none other can teach you as much as that.

February 13, 2012

Startup America : Promoting entrepreneurship & the American Dream

I just red this press release from the White House. I find it very interesting, especially some of the ways they are trying to promote entrepreneurship & small businesses & helping them achieve their American Dream.

On One-Year Anniversary of Startup America Initiative President Obama Sends Startup America Legislative Agenda to Congress

How to live on Rs. 26 per day?

LIFE-CHANGING EXPERIENCE: Matt (left) and Tushar. Photo courtesy: RS100ADAY.COM

February 10, 2012

Paypal is such a nightmare for Indian businesses

Paypal I used to love it. It was such a convenient way to accept payments from my international customers. They could pay me without disclosing their credit card details, they were comfortable with it & I could auto withdraw funds to my bank account in India, without any hassle.

That was a long time ago.

Now, the scenario is completely different. Now, Paypal tells me my PAN No. is invalid! The same PAN No. which can be verified on the Income Tax Department website, the same PAN that I have used for over 4 years to pay my taxes & as an photo ID for numerous train journeys & many other purposes, Paypal refuses to accept it.
That is sad, because Customers still ask me if they can pay via Paypal, but now I cannot accept their payments, because of no fault of mine or theirs, but a fault of Paypal in their PAN verification.

Moreover the issue is not simply just with me but numerous businesses in the country. If you google Paypal says Invalid Pan, you see a lot of search results.

One big reason for this could be, sole proprietorship businesses in India, no sole proprietorship businesses in India have a separate PAN, they work under the PAN of their proprietor but they may have a separate name (eg. my company name is Jewelove but my name is Sambhav Karnawat) & it might be so, that Paypal is trying to verify the name of the company with the name of the PAN Card. Whatever the issue, Paypal should try to rectify it so that it can earn from Indian businesses again & so that Indian e-commerce business can receive payments from their international customers peacefully once again.

February 5, 2012

Junglee.com overtakes Flipkart.com & ebay.in website traffic on just the 3rd day!Junglee.com overtakes Flipkart.com & ebay.in website traffic on just the 3rd day!ebsite traffic on just the 3rd day!

Junglee.com overtakes Flipkart.com & ebay.in website traffic on just the 3rd day! Photo courtesy : Mahesh Murthy

Its just the third day since Amazon launched junglee.com & Junglee.com has already overtaken Indian e-commerce "giants", flipkart.com, ebay.in, infibeam.com etc.

Goes to prove,  Why could Indian ecommerce startups partner with Amazon rather than compete with it?

February 4, 2012

Junglee.com has over 16% of Flipkart traffic in 2 days without any ads!

Photo Courtesy : Mahesh Murthy via Alexa
I found this infographic by Mahesh Murthy today. It clearly shows how Junglee.com has reached over 16% of flipkart traffic & close to 50% website traffic of infibeam.com, homeshop18.com & letsbuy.com (individually, not collectively, yet) in just 2 days, without any advertising that I know of!

Seems, Junglee.com is up & running (wild)!

Reinforces the views expressed at Why could Indian ecommerce startups partner with Amazon rather than compete with it?

Moreover, what will be even more interesting is, what happens when  they start their full-fledged advertisement campaign in India.

February 1, 2012

What is Junglee.com?

Junglee.com used to be the official website of Junglee Corp. which Amazon took over alongwith AllPlanetCorps in 1998 for $280 Million. Junglee Corp, then based in Sunnyvale was a provider of database technology to help consumers find products on the Internet, also known as an aggregation & comparison shopping service.

That is what Junglee.com used to be, as of right now, junglee.com is not a website functioning but the domain name still rests with Amazon.

Now Amazon plans to launch in India under the name of Junglee.com

Trivia : Junglee means wild in Hindi & the late Shammi Kapoor maintained his website at http://www.junglee.org.in which is now maintained by his family.

Junglee.com Amazon.com's India Venture

Amazon.com finally plans to enter e-commerce in India (wildly), via
What is Amazon upto?
Amazon is planning to launch an E-commerce marketplace in India,
Junglee.com, which would be like an aggregation & comparison shopping
network between various E-commerce brands already working in India,
for example, flipkart.com, jewelove.in, letsbuy.com etc.

There are 2 important questions that arise,
1. Why does Amazon need the Indian E-commerce merchants as partners?
2. Why would the Indian E-commerce merchants be interested in partnering with Amazon 's Junglee.com rather than compete with it?

The second one is simpler to answer, so let's get to that first.
WEBSITE TRAFFIC. plain & simple, amazon.com receives more daily
traffic from India than any Indian E-commerce merchant & if it is able
to redirect all that traffic to its Indian counterpart, Junglee.com,
that could mean a lot of extra sales for the Indian E-commerce

For the fist question, why does Amazon.com need Indian E-commerce
businesses as partners, the law says so. 100% FDI (foreign direct
investment) is not allowed in multi brand retail sector in India.

Will we see a very popular Junglee.com pretty soon, what do you think?

Further Information : What is Junglee.com?