June 30, 2014

People you should never ignore

There are 2 types of people you should never ignore :
1. Family
2. Customers
Family forms the core of your personal life. They are the ones who will stand by you in your tough times. They are who will always support you. (Family includes very close friends who are just like family.)

Customers form the core of your professional life.

June 23, 2014

Basic Geometry Game : Euclid

I came across this new geometry based game yesterday, Euclid The Game. Simple, interesting & only 20 levels, so not time consuming.

June 19, 2014

Why is Social Service Important?

To have a feeling of satisfaction & contentment from life.

More on this later.

Why IIT Kanpur? - Shashwat Chandra

This is a part of a status by my friend, Shashwat Chandra about Why Choose IIT Kanpur?

Why IIT Kanpur? The cultural festival of IIT Kanpur, Antaragni, is run virtually entirely by students. The Students' Gymkhana is a body made of students of all batches. The New SAC (Students' Activity Center, a place for people to hang out) was majorly planned by the students of three batches, and the franchises selected for its food court were selected by a panel of students. The degree of freedom given to students at IIT Kanpur is, in my opinion, definitely larger than most other institutes. IIT Kanpur also has the distinct advantage of being in a city that is much lesser developed than places like Mumbai and Delhi. Why is this an advantage? IIT Kanpur has become self-contained, because there is a larger incentive to make everything available on campus. The choices of extra-curricular activities are larger, the food options are cheap and more varied, and all sections of the campus are together, making it a tighter, closer-knit location. Each club has its own advantages. Some clubs improve your speaking skill; others teach you a new art; even others let you hone your intellect in the direction you want. Art, music, literature, dance, electronics, robotics, photography, whatever your interest, there is going to be an outlet. If there isn't, it is not hard to create an outlet or a club for an interest you feel will benefit you. There are certain to be more people interested in the things you like.

June 15, 2014

Star Wars Fans : Awesome Father's Day Picture

Clone Troopers with Kids! Courtesy : Internet

June 10, 2014

Coolest page on the IITK website award goes to . .

June 9, 2014

Why fighting about religion is just plain stupid?

Think of 2 people, both named John Doe. One of them says, "My name is John Doe." The other one says, "मेरा नाम जॉन डो है|"
Now the first one says, the only right way to say it is mine, "My name is John Doe." The other one insists that his way is the right way, "मेरा नाम जॉन डो है|"
Actually from an independent perspective, both of them are correct.

That is all that the fighting about religion/community is.

Everyone is trying to say that their religions shows the "only" correct way, but they are actually the same thing, just in different language or script or methodology or just a different path. Every religion teaches compassion, be helpful to others, don't be selfish, live an honest life etc. basic things that will help you lead a better life, whether you believe in any religion or you are an atheist. No religion (religious "god", whether Prophet, Mahaveer, Buddha, Christ, Guru Nanak or whoever it is that you believe in) ever said that fight with them because they do not follow me.

The methods maybe different, but the goal is the same, to live a happy & peaceful life & help others do that.

Look at it this way : You want to reach Jaipur from New York, now there are many ways to reach Jaipur from New York. Now there are many routes & flights that will take you from New York to Jaipur.

  • Air India flight from NYC -> Mumbai -> Jaipur
  • Etihad flight from NYC -> Abu Dhabi -> Jaipur
  • Jet Airways flight from NYC -> Brussels -> Mumbai -> Jaipur
  • Etihad flight from NYC -> Duesseldorf -> Abu Dhabi -> Jaipur 
All of these flights (& many more) will take you to Jaipur from NYC no matter which flight or route you have boarded. There is no point in fighting over which flight/route is the best, the only best route is the one that you feel the most comfortable with.

That is just how religions work, all of them teach you humanity, no matter who said it or what that religion or its followers are called.

"सच तो सच है, चाहे किसने कहा हो" Kanhaiya Lal ji Lodha.