December 30, 2013

Child Labor : What is wrong about child labor?

Just came across this in an epic fantasy fiction.
“To drive children into labour is to slaughter artists, to scour deathly all wonder, the flickering dart of imagination eager as finches flitting from branch to branch - all crushed to serve grown-up needs and heartless expectations”

December 11, 2013

Aam Aadmi Party : to accept support or not

So, this seems to be the hottest discussion going around right now. I am not a political pundit, not even a keen political observer actually. But I am trying to decipher a path of action based on logic. & truth be told, I am confused.

Here is what I think Aam Aadmi Party is about, it is about an ideology. One based on transparency & deep-rooted public involvement. It is not just about the jan lokpal bill although it maybe at the roots but they have or they will, if they haven't already, be an ideological group of people. An ideology that is not based on, anti-congress or anti-communal or anti-major-parties-front, but which is based on a very inherent need of people, an ideology that seeks to bring about transparency at every level, not just in the government but also the people. This is where I think, either I am reading between the lines or one aspect that is not being highlighted by the media or the Aam Aadmi Party. Here is where they differ from the other parties (or have, till now at least) & probably one of the big reasons why they have one. They do not have propaganda agendas (other than the usual marketing of course, which is acceptable) by they have an ideology that they stick with, before the elections & most importantly even after the elections. 

& this is why the media is haunting them. Why the BJP is hunting them. We all know how the usual politics works in India. No matter what the manifesto of a party is (I am not sure if all the candidates of a party even what their manifesto is, in detail) they do not stick to it or are usually unable to implement it after the elections. It is almost like a short term memory loss of the winning party, only to remember it again at the time of the next election. Let me elaborate, Congress has been the socialist party of India & BJP has been the capitalist party of India. However neither of them have really stuck to their agendas of socialism or capitalism as the case maybe, over periods of time. Congress has not been able to actually uplift the poor in the last 10 years of regime. The nectar of subsidies & befits does not reach the intended poor. Nor has BJP really been able to fast track India's business growth as they were intended to.
Here the Aam Aadmi Party differs, they have been born of an ideology. In fact, they do not have the years of experience of either congress or BJP, but just the (till now at least) unwavering belief in a new ideology, of transparency & deep-rooted public involvement. Which neither BJP, nor Congress seem to share. & that is the problem with AAP accepting support from either of them, the moment hey accept, they will be seen as compromising on the ideology that they started with. They will lose the faith that people have in them. Even people like me, who are not from Delhi, who have not even voted for them yet! Because they are changing the ball game. They are not about either socialism or capitalism, they are about an ideological change. Moreover, as far as I see, the primary reason for the pledging of unconditional support to Aam Aadmi Party by the congress is to keep BJP out of power in Delhi. It may have nothing to do with a common ideology shared with the Aam Aadmi Party. & no matter how much the congress proclaims it to be unconditional, these days even kisses come with strings attached, let alone important seats allowing a major disrupter to form a government. Ultimately there may be attempts of steering or lashing the Aap-led govt. by the congress. 
& to the second part of the dilemma, in a hypothetical situation, if the Aam Aadmi Party decides to accept the said 'unconditional' support from congress & form a government, they will have a chance to being about a change. A change that the people of Delhi want to live (at least the ones who voted for them)  a change I am sure a lot of people in the country want to be witness to. They will at least have a chance to deliver on the promises they have made, to prove that they truly are different from the rest.

I do not know how it will work out. I do not know recommend one way or the other. That is upto Arvind Kejriwal & the Aam Aadmi Party to decide.
But however it works out, it may change the destiny of Delhi or even the country over a period of time.

P.S. : I would like to reiterate that the post is a collection of my personal thoughts & opinions. I maybe right or wrong, may misapprehend. I may even have completely misunderstood the Aam Aadmi Party. I am not affiliated with any of the parties. Just writing my observations for future reference.
Thank you for reading.

Update : I agree with Nitin Gupta's point on this.
There is a reason why Congress desperately wants AAP to make govt. in Delhi.

Congress has realized that Kejriwal might hurt them bady in National Elections. Given the anti-incumbency. AAP can hurt Congress a lot.
That would not only mean altering the landscape of national politics. But would also translate into an uncompromising pressure group present on their heads in Loksabha.
Here is a man who brought the govt. to his knees with Anna when he was out of power. Imagine the pressure he can generate if he is in the Parliament!
So, They want to keep him out of the Parliament at any cost.
Hence Congress extended the olive branch to Kejriwal. They want to offer him a state to restrict his National march.
Because this is what would happen after Kejriwal makes the govt.

Within weeks you would start hearing cries about Kejriwal not being able to fulfill promises.
Power tariff reduction, Supplying water, Passing Lokayukta bill, Setting them up, reducing corruption! These are all things that would take time.
The unconditional support to Kejriwal won’t include the ‘luxury of time’ he needs to reform the system.
They would resort to the old rhetoric, “We told you, His promises were lofty, unreasonable! Bolne aur karne mein bahut fark hai!”
They will raise lot of question marks repeatedly. Enough to test the faith of the most ardent of supporters!

Given the enormity of the challenge. And expectation of quick results and the fact that He is the first time CM. Initial days are guaranteed to be most challenging for AK.
It would leave him with no time to devote energies to Loksabha. Even if he can make time, It would make it virtually impossible for him to campaign elsewhere.
If he goes, he would be targeted, “Dekho bhai, jo sapney dilli mein poore nahin kar paaye, woh poore desh ko dikha rahe hain! Pahle dilli to sudhar lo, phir yahan vote maangne aana!”

Congress hasn’t had a change of heart. Nor has it suddenly become respectful of the constructive role an opposition can play.
They want to push Kejriwal on the chair. They can’t afford to let Loksabha elections to be a referendum on Honesty and Integrity in many centers. That might be a Home run for Kejriwal. That’s why they are desperate to change the issue from Honesty to Governance. And luring Kejriwal into making the govt. would achieve just that.

And post Loksabha, Congress can always withdraw their ‘unconditional support’ citing differences with Kejriwal saying, “Oh we are also elected MLA’s and the guardians of Public interest. Kejriwal is acting like a dictator; we can’t support him like this!”
Or any other alibi for that matter!

The strategy is to let Kejriwal rule Delhi till Loksabha to blunt AAP’s impact in Loksabha and then destabilize Delhi govt. and seek a fresh mandate after weaking AAP sometime later.

Sonia Gandhi is astute. By offering Kejriwal unconditional support, She thought, I will make an offer that Kejriwal can’t refuse.
But Kejriwal was one step ahead: He made her an offer, which she will have to refuse!
He knows Sonia can’t go back on FDI in retail. Nor can she admit to Power audit. Because that would raise question marks as to why did Sheila not do it?
Accepting Kejriwal’s demands would be impossible for Sonia because It would put other state govt’s of Congress under pressure to implement the similar provisions like Lokayukta.
And finally it would be considered a tacid admission from Congress that Yes, Kejriwal was right! . Would be yet another perceptional disaster for the party.

In all, Sonia was playing poker with a weak hand.
Kejriwal called her bluff and said, “Show!”

If Politics is the game of chess, and Sonia is the erswhitle Grandmaster then Kejriwal is proving to be Magnus Carlsen!

Update : Aam Aadmi Party has accepted external support from Congress & Arvind Kejriwal will be sworn in as the Chief Minister of Delhi tomorrow.

Akshar School Jaipur : Worthwhile

December 10, 2013

AAP : Truly Ideological Parties Emerging in India

For the first time in my (relatively small) observation of Indian politics, I see 
1. The biggest party (BJP) is on the backfoot & unable to buy out the 'shareholding' to form a government.
2. The second biggest party (AAP) is getting a 'no-strings' (really?) support to form a government but is (till now) rejecting it based on true ideological differences.
Are we witness to a new era of true ideological political parties in the Indian politics?

P. S. : I have not observed not do I claim any thought leadership or even mildly extensive observation in the field of Indian politics, but I do know that such a situation is unprecedented. Almost every major election with a close-to hung assembly or parliament, we hear about bribes, buying favors, granting ministries & what not, but this time it feels different. Even though I am not even a Delhi based voter, but everytime I hear Kejriwal speak, I hear conviction & not just hollow convincing. It is not just IIT alma mater why I feel so, but I believe, a deep inherent integrity of the person, a humility & probably even sobriety.

On a second note, I just realised why I feel some of Kejriwal's words resonating in my mind. I have had the good fortune of knowing people with such convictions.

December 9, 2013

Wisdom tooth : ironic name? (genetic reference)

Wisdom tooth is named so, because the teeth usually develop in the age of 17-25 yrs. when people are supposedly becoming wise in college (hah! How false is that!)
Anyway, I found another interesting irony in this, a genetic one. While reading through some material, I came across that there is evidence that the pre-historic human walked on 4 limbs & had a wide jaw to catch prey. As the pre-historic human evolved the skull & jaw structure changed, started walking on 2 limbs, hands became the primary source of food catching & the brain grew larger, leaving a smaller jaw & ultimately less space for teeth. Which effectively is the reason that wisdom teeth have become vestigial.
Nobody needs 32 teeth for eating processed soft foods!

Brain grows larger, humans gets smarter (wiser, for the sake of irony) & that leads to wisdom teeth!

November 20, 2013

CNR Rao, former IITK professor to be awarded Bharat Ratna

Professor C N R Rao, nominated for Bharat Ratna

Prof. C N R Rao named to receive the Bharat Ratna Award, was a faculty member at IIT Kanpur and served as the chairman of the board of governors of IITK from 2002 to 2005.

November 15, 2013

BIS hallmark : benefits & shortcomings

BIS hallmark, long slated as a saviour of customers when buying gold jewelry in India. Read the complete post to really grasp the point I am trying to put forward.
I think most of us know the benefits of the hallmark, from both the jeweler & the customer's point of view.
1. Assurance of gold purity.
Okay, so I cannot think of any other benefit, to be frank.

There are a lot of shortcomings that I can think of, though. 
1. Why does a jeweler need a license for getting a piece of jewelry hallmarked? The very point of hallmarking is that anyone should be able to go to the assaying centre & get a piece hallmarked. Not just a licensed jeweler.
2. The documentation required! There are so many documents required for the jeweler's license that it feels like one is applying for a personal arms license not a jeweler's license for getting a piece hallmarked.
3. The risk. This is one aspect that is most easily neglected by jewelers & consumers alike. To get a jewelry piece hallmarked, the Jewelry has to be left at the assaying centre for a few hours. Which is risky! Especially with high value items such as solitaire rings etc. 
4. The new proposed certificates are cumbersome! Recently bis proposed a certification for hallmarked pieces. This is absurd! It adds no value to the piece or the customer because it will say the same thing as the hallmark does but the certificates will occupy a lot of space & whenever a piece is sold a jeweler will have to through hundreds (or maybe thousands in case of even slightly large retailers) to find that one certificate! It is absolutely crazy! The hallmark is sufficient. The certificate is unnecessary.
5. The more things provided to a customer at the time of sale = the more things required at the time of return. Generally, everything, the certificate etc. given to a customer at the time of sale are required back at the time of return. Some corporate jewelers clearly state that a return will not be processed in case the original certificates & packing material are not returned. Which in simple terms means that if you lost that certificate you will lose the return policy! Which may sound absurd, but the Jeweler has spent time & money on getting those certificates made for customer satisfaction & it is a tedious process to get it done all over again.

So, actually hallmarking would be very simple if it was a more open & convenient process. Licensed hallmark centres where anyone can go & get a jewelry item hallmarked. 

Oh, & by the way, I have a jewelry store Suranas Jewelove (also, shop online at

I think Hallmarking & assaying is a noble concept but the licensing etc. is just unnecessary.

October 26, 2013

Victory, Glory, Success, Happiness should Transcend

I am watching Bhaag Milkha Bhaag right now & I have just realised the real domain of X. (x = success, fame, glory, happiness etc.)
It is & should not be limited to personal success, fame, glory or happiness but transcend. 
Transcend into the lives of the self, the family, employees, friends, close ones, locality, city, state, country further into the humanity across the world & even the world itself, & finally into the true self.
Eg. Sachin Tendulkar, once upon a time it was the pleasure of a few to watch him play & succeed, then of Mumbai (Ranji) then of India, later of the people all over world. Even further he became an inspiration for not just sportsmen but a role model for personal lives & professional ethics. Similarly Rahul Dravid, Milkha Singh (as depicted in the movie) & numerous other people.
Similarly Bhagwaan Mahaveer.

Remember it should transcend to your self & it will complete you.

Because it is not just about money. It is about a lot lot more.

October 25, 2013

Apple MacBook Pro 13" with retina India Price


I was so happy to know that the upgraded (haswell processor) 13" MBP with retina is priced at $1300 (about Rs. 78,000)
That joy was short lived as the price came on the apple India website, Rs. 99,900 (almost $1650)

Out of this Rs. 11,500 (about $180) is the import duty in India (acceptable) still the price should be around Rs. 90,000 not 99,900! That is still close to a $150 difference, after duty!

What is that about?

October 24, 2013

Experiences matter more than facts, figures & numbers

Personal opinion.

Man's Search for Meaning, Viktor E. Frankl Excerpts

I am still just reading the Preface of A Man's Search for Meaning, by Viktor E. Frankl & this is deep.
Here is a collection of excerpts from the book that I like.
I will keep on updating this post as I read the book.

“He who has a why to live can bear with almost any how.”

“the last of human freedoms" - the ability to "choose one's attitude in a given set of circumstances.”

“Hunger, humiliation, fear and deep anger at injustice are rendered tolerable by closely guarded images of beloved persons, by religion, by a grim sense of humor, and even by glimpses of the healing beauties of nature - a tree or a sunset.”

“Don't aim at success - the more you aim at it and make it a target, the more you are going to miss it. For success, like happiness, cannot be pursued; it must ensue, and it only does so as the unintended side-effect of one's personal dedication to a cause greater than oneself or as the by-product of one's surrender to a person other than oneself. Happiness must happen, and the same holds for success: you have to let it happen by not caring about it. I want you to listen to what your conscience commands you to do and go on to carry it out to the best of your knowledge. Then you will live to see that in the long run - in the long run, I say! -
success will follow you precisely because you had forgotten to think of it.”

“psychology requires a certain scientific detachment”

“when we saw a comrade smoking his own cigarettes, we knew he had given up faith in his strength to carry on, and, once lost, the will to live seldom returned.”

“An abnormal reaction to an abnormal situation is normal behavior”

There is always a choice of thought & action. “man does have a choice of action. There were enough examples, often of a heroic nature, which proved that apathy could be overcome, irritability suppressed. Man can preserve a vestige of spiritual freedom, of independence of mind, even in such terrible conditions of psychic and physical stress.

We who lived in concentration camps can remember the men who walked through the huts comforting others, giving away their last piece of bread. They may have been few in number, but they offer sufficient proof that everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms - to choose one's attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one's own way."

“the sort of person the prisoner became was the result of an inner decision, and not the result of camp influences alone. Fundamentally, therefore, any man can, even under such circumstances, decide what shall become of him - mentally and spiritually. He may retain his human dignity even in a concentration camp. Dostoevski said once, "There is only one thing that I dread: not to be worthy of my sufferings”

“Without suffering and death human life cannot be complete.”

“man's inner strength may raise him above his outward fate”

The Midnight Tides, Malazan Series Review

Okay, so an epic fantasy review after a long time.
Malazan Book of the Fallen is truly an epic fantasy series, grander in scheme than even LOTR & very elaborate in description.
Here is a review of The Midnight Tides
This book could have been a non-fiction book, if you removed the names, the God involvements & the rebirth (several times) of Rhulad Sengar.
This is a story of debt, interest & greed. Reading this, I was thinking isn't this what is happening in the world today. Isn't that what caused the major financial collapse in the US & Europe? Isn't this, why the banks are minting money, literally.
The story delves deep into the culture of Letheras, a city of Gold (figuratively) where everything is rationalised in the name of money & lending. Where the supreme rulers are, not the ruling family, but the money lenders. Even the throne has a huge debt.
Conquest, slaughter, slavery & exploitation is all legitimised & practiced systematically in the name of progress.
& finally, how this very greed would have lead to the downfall of the entire kingdom. (were it not conquered by the Tiste Edur before the collapse.)

One of the facts mentioned in there, once one enters this cycle of debt, it is almost impossible to break out.

How true in this realm of the humans, too.

October 14, 2013

Ill-effects of Peer De-Pressurisation

Peer De-pressurisation. Something very similar & profound yet so new. On October 8, 2013 Kruti & I were talking about piracy. How it is so easy to Pirate stuff, courtesy of the internet.
& how it is so wrong.
That is when this concept occurred to me.
We have a very high mental resistance to traditional 'bad-activities' such as stealing someone's wallet. Why? Because we have been taught & have come to realise that it is a very bad thing to do. & nobody around us does it.
However for piracy (which is  almost the same as stealing a wallet) everyone around us (in college) is doing it, someone downloads a movie torrent, another guy downloads a T. V. series etc. which simply reduces the mental resistance to piracy, it just looks like, 'everyone is doing it, including these good people, so maybe it isn't that bad.' but it is only when we look deep that we realise piracy is the same as stealing someone's wallet.
Similarly for smoking & drinking too.

October 12, 2013

Reasons to not get married so early.

There is so much talk of my marriage these days, that I think I must jot down these points as a reminder to self.
1. I am a just a kid! ONLY 23 years old.
2. No financial independence for me yet.
3. I don't think I can handle the responsibility of a wife & soon-kids right now.
4. If I get married right now, it might be to a body rather than to a person.
5. Repeat : I am just a kid!
6. I don't want to get married. Others want to get me married.
7. I do not know who I am & neither do I know what am I looking for in a potential 7-lives partner. {Reference : 7 janmon ka bandhan}

October 6, 2013

There is something about Love

I have experienced love, sometime in the past, a past that looks so distant, almost like a third-person perspective, but feels so close, like it just happened.
Love is freedom.
Love sets you free by freeing your emotions, your desires & your mind.
Love makes you stop thinking & start feeling.
Love is like waking up as a different person, it is almost like being born again & you are never the same again, ever.
That is not all, but all that comes to mind right now.

October 5, 2013

Peace in turmoil

The turmoil is there, has always been there & will always be there.
But earlier I was at peace, the turmoil did not affect me.
Now I am caught up in the turmoil.
I must be peace.
At the Center of the turmoil in the eye, there is peace.

Or far away from it? But that would be just a temporary solution.

October 4, 2013

Love is freedom

Penning the thought, rather the feeling, will try & write on it later.

Review of The Prophet, Kahil Gibran

I am reading The Prophet by Kahil Gibran right now on the recommendation of Kruti.
I usually do not write reviews or talk about books until I have completed reading them, but this book is a book of teachings. A must-read-&-understand.
It may take me a couple of days to complete it, in the meanwhile you should read it!

October 1, 2013

For my sister, Kruti.

Leaving for Singapore finally.

Tere jaane ka itna gam nahin Behena jitna Tere auto-shaper banne ka hai.
You are more conscious about your games than models are about their food.

Hope you will keep on updating your blog (more frequently).
You reader can check out her blog at

For my sister, Kruti.

Leaving for Singapore finally.

Tere jaane ka itna gam nahin Behena jitna Tere auto-shaper banne ka hai.

Hope you will keep on updating your blog (more frequently).
you reader can check out her blog at

September 16, 2013

Thoughts, words, actions, character & you

Watch your thoughts
           For your thoughts become your words
Watch your words
            For your words become your actions
Watch your actions
            For your actions become your habit
Watch your habits
            For your habits become your character
& your character is everything.

September 15, 2013

Why Me Mom? - Death of an Innocent

Why Me Mom? - Death of an Innocent

I went to a party, Mom, I remembered what you said.
You told me not to drink, Mom, so I drank soda instead.
I really felt proud inside, Mom, the way you said I would.
I didn't drink and drive, Mom, even though the others said I should.

I know I did the right thing, Mom, I know you are always right.
Now the party is finally ending, Mom, as everyone is driving out of sight.
As I got into my car, Mom, I knew I'd get home in one piece.
Because of the way you raised me, so responsible and sweet.

I started to drive away, Mom, but as I pulled out into the road, 
the other car didn't see me, Mom, and hit me like a load.
As I lay there on the pavement, Mom, I hear the policeman say, 
the other guy is drunk, Mom, and now I'm the one who will pay.

I'm lying here dying, Mom.. I wish you'd get here soon.
How could this happen to me, Mom? My life just burst like a balloon.
There is blood all around me, Mom, and most of it is mine.
I hear the medic say, Mom, I'll die in a short time.

I just wanted to tell you, Mom, I swear I didn't drink.
It was the others, Mom. The others didn't think.
He was probably at the same party as I.
The only difference is, he drank and I will die.

Why do people drink, Mom? It can ruin your whole life.
I'm feeling sharp pains now. Pains just like a knife.
The guy who hit me is walking, Mom, and I don't think it's fair.
I'm lying here dying and all he can do is stare.

Tell my brother not to cry, Mom. Tell Daddy to be brave.
And when I go to heaven, Mom, put "Daddy's Girl" on my grave.
Someone should have told him, Mom, not to drink and drive.
If only they had told him, Mom, I would still be alive.

My breath is getting shorter, Mom. I'm becoming very scared.
Please don't cry for me, Mom. When I needed you, you were always there.
I have one last question, Mom, before I say good bye.
I didn't drink and drive, so why am I the one to die?

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Funny story

Taken from an answer on Quora.

During lunch at work last week, I ate 3 plates of beans (which I know I shouldn't). When I got home, my b.f seemed excited to see me and exclaimed delightedly: "Darling I have a surprise for dinner tonight." He then blindfolded me and led me to my chair at the dinner table. I took a seat and just as he was about to remove my blindfold, the telephone rang. He made me promise not to touch the blindfold until he returned and went to answer the call. The beans I had consumed were still affecting me and the pressure was becoming unbearable, so while my b.g was out of the room I seized the opportunity, shifted my weight to one leg and let one go . It was not only loud, but it smelled like a fertilizer truck running over a skunk in front of a garbage dump! I took my napkin from my lap and fanned the air around me vigorously. Then, shifting to the other leg, I ripped off three more. The stink was worse than cooked cabbage. Keeping my ears carefully tuned to the conversation in the other room, I went on releasing atomic bombs like this for another few minutes. The pleasure was indescribable! Eventually the telephone farewells signaled the end of my freedom, so I quickly fanned the air a few more times with my napkin, placed it on my lap and folded my hands back on it feeling very relieved and pleased with myself. My face must have been the picture of innocence ,when my b.f returned, apologizing for taking so long. He asked me if I had peaked through the blindfold, and I assured him I had not. At this point, he removed the blindfold, and twelve dinner guests seated around the table, with their hands to their noses, chorused: "Happy Birthday"..

September 14, 2013

Luck, Hardwork & Success

Luck gives you an edge, but it is your hard work that makes that luck into success.

More on this, later.

September 13, 2013

Happiness = Reality - Expectations

Happiness = Reality - Expectations

If your expectations are zero, Happiness becomes a reality & your reality becomes your source of happiness.

Related posts : Contentment is the key to happinessHappiness is a Choice, not just a Chance

September 9, 2013

Micchami Dukkadam : a phrase often misused?

मिछ्छामि दुक्कड़म, प्राकृत भाषा का वाक्य है। (original Jain scriptures are written in Prakrit language, not Sanskrit) 
प्राकृत से अंग्रेज़ी में अनुवाद करने पर मूल अर्थ आता है, 'may all the evil that has been done be fruitless.' while, according to the Hindi translation pratikaman book, it is 'आत्मा को पापकर्म से अलग करना'
Micchami Dukkadam does not mean (at least literally), 'I seek your forgiveness & I forgive you.' which is what a lot of people think it means when they say it on Samvatsari or otherwise.
Hence, IMO it makes sense to say Micchami Dukkadam after १८ पाप स्थान, अविनय अशातना etc., even in case of seeking मुक्ति from previous karma bandhan of hurting someone, but not in place of seeking forgiveness & forgiving itself.

Reference : Wikipedia for the literal meaning
What made me think about it?
Messages of 'Micchami Dukkadam' in place of khamatkhamna. 

Edit 1 : I should ask Maharajsa/Dadi the meaning of मिछ्छामि दुक्कड़म  tomorrow & update this post.
Edit 2 : this is still under research, your thoughts & opinions on the matter are welcome. Please contribute the same in the comments below, & I will update the post with the relevant thoughts & ideas.

Unconditional Forgiveness & Gratitude

Unconditional Forgiveness & Gratitude are the essence of Paryushan.

I have been thinking about this since yesterday. Paryushan & Samvatsari, the Kshamaparv are not just about forgiveness to those who seek forgiveness but they are about unconditional forgiveness to each and every organism on the planet, whether they seek it or not & seek forgiveness from each & every organism on the planet.
Such unconditional forgiveness then fills our mind with gratitude towards everyone.

Isn't this also the very essence of humanity?

September 8, 2013

Shree Amar Bharti : September 1997 issue : A review

This is the essence of the September 1997 issue of Shree Amar Bharti. Imo

@Kruti, संतोषामृततृप्तानाम is a conjunction of 3 words, संतोष, अमृत, तृप्ति, a sanskrit word, actually a sentence said in a single word, संतोष रूपी अमृत तृप्त करती है।
संतोष = be happy with what you have
अमृत = nectar
तृप्ति = fulfilment

What it really means is, (IMHO) no matter how much worldly possession (money, land, investments, laptops, phones, gadgets, cars etc.) you have if you will experience fulfilment only when you are happy/satisfied with what you have. If you keep on wanting more & more, no matter how much you have, you will never experience fulfilment.

Future as a function of the past

Himanshu Kateja uploaded a status today, 
"the future is independent of the past, given the present" - Andrey Markov, 1856-1922
Food for thought - aisa sirf theory mein hota hai

This has prompted me to think about it & I have come to the realisation that the past affects are future to a varying degree depending on the time difference between the past & the future.
P. S. : present is a past for the future. So present by itself is already affecting the future as a past.

f(t) = f(t-$t)•e^(-$t) + c(t-$t)f(t-$t)

Where $ = delta (a variable time difference measured backwards from now) 
c(t-$t) is special relation function. For eg. If this the college entrance time, then the c function of t-$t = entrance exam time becomes significantly important for your present.

What I am basically trying to say is, that the dependence of any time on the past reduces with the time difference between the past & the said time, but for special events dependent entirely (or majorly) on a specific point in the past, the relation with the particular time in past may have a peak.
& $t is a variable time difference, so all previous value of function f at past times are considered.
Also the present is being determined by the past, to a certain degree, & the future is being determined by the present which is in turn affected by the past.
(considering a general event, for which c = 0) However due to the repetition of the exponential reduction, the dependence of the future on the past is much lower than either of the following two :
1. Dependence of the present now on the said past.
2. Dependence of the future on the present now.

So, my dear friend, start working in the present instead of futilely musing on the past because the effect, on future, of what you are doing right now is much higher than what you did in the past.

September 6, 2013

If syzygy can be a word, punny should definitely be!

Punny is not a word according to my phone's dictionary.

September 4, 2013

Quotes about life & more, a collection

This is a collection of quotes, not self-made. Sources or original speakers are quoted where known.

1. "It is very simple to be happy, but it is very difficult to be simple."
 Rabindranath Tagore

2. Arthur Ashe, the legendary Wimbledon player was dying of AIDS which he got due to infected blood he recieved during a heart surgery in 1983.

From the world over, he recieved letters from his fan, one of them conveyed: "Why does God have to select you for such a bad disease?".

To this Arthur Ashe replied: The world over--50,000,000 children start playing tennis, 5,000,000 learn to play tennis, 500,000 learn profesional tennis, 50,000 come to the circuit, 5000 reach the grand slam, 50 reach the Wimbledon, 4 to semi finals, 2 to finals. When I was the one holding the cup, I never asked god "Why me?".

And today in pain, I should not be asking GOD "why me?".

3. Steve Jobs
"If you want to live your life in a creative way, as an artist, you have to not look back too much. You have to be willing to take whatever you’ve done
and whoever you were and throw them away.
The more the outside world tries to reinforce an image of you, the harder it is to continue to be an artist, which is why a lot of times, artists have to
say, “Bye. I have to go. I’m going crazy and I’m getting out of here.” And they go and hibernate somewhere. Maybe later they re-emerge a little

4. You can do anything, but not everything.
David Allen

5. Dream is not that what you see in sleep..
Dream is the thing which does not let you sleep.
---Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

  • Dont be afraid that your life will end, be afraid that it will never begin
  • The truth will set you free, but first it will drive you insane
  • "Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony."
  • "If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader." - John Quincy Adams .
  • "Speaking comes by nature, silence by understanding" - German Proverb
  • "The quieter you become, the more you are able to hear." - Rumi
He who asks question remains fool for 5 minutes , who does not ask question remains fool forever.

"Never tell your problems to anyone. Eighty percent of the people don't care, whereas the remaining twenty percent are glad that you have them."

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can't-- either way you're right.” : Henry Ford

I traveled the road less taken & that has made all the difference. Robert Frost

This too shall pass.

You miss 100 percent of a chance you don't take.

Even if you're on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there.
— Will Rogers
Believe those who are seeking the truth. Doubt those who find it.

"Yesterday is History,Tomorrow is a Mystery,But Today is a Gift that's why it is called PRESENT"

A country is not DEVELOPED when the poor have cars...A country is DEVELOPED when the rich use public transport!

“In the heart's deepest place, where the burden of ego is dropped and the mystery of soul is penetrated, a man finds the consciousness there not different in any way from what all other men may find. The mutuality of the human race is thus revealed as existing only on a plane where its humanness is transcended. This is why all attempts to express it in political and economic terms, no less than the theosophic attempts to form a universal brotherhood, being premature, must be also artificial. This is why they failed.” -- Paul Brunton

It was true that I didn't have much ambition, but there ought to be a  place for people without ambition, I mean a better place than the one  usually reserved. How in the hell could a man enjoy being awakened at  6:30 a.m. by an alarm clock, leap out of bed, dress, force-feed, shit,  piss, brush teeth and hair, and fight traffic to get to a place where  essentially you made lots of money for somebody else and were asked to  be grateful for the opportunity to do so?
Factotum,Charles Bukowski(1975)

It's the possibility that keeps me going, not the guarantee.

"power is when we have every justification to kill, and we don't"Schindler's List

Twice the pride, double the fall.

"Low minds discuss people, Moderate minds discuss events, whereas the High minds discuss ideas."

Giving Money to a cause is easy, giving time is difficult. Mahendra Banthia

जो तेरा है वो जाता नहीं, जो जाता है वो तेरा नहीं।

गुस्सा : अक्ल को खा जाता है

अहंकार : मन को खा जाता है

चिंता : आयु को खा जाती है

लालच : ईमान को खा जाता है

रिश्वत : इंसाफ़ को खा जाती है

गालो मुस्कुरालो, महफिले सजा लो।
क्या पता कल कौ नसा साथी छूट जाए।।
ज़िंदगी की डोर, बड़ी कमज़ोर।
क्या पता कब टूट जाए।।

जीवन का सबसे बड़ा रोग, क्या कहेंगे लोग। - contributed by Bulbul Tunkalia

Life is too short for hatred, but long enough for love & peace. - Self

क्षमा करें और क्षमा माँग लें, जीत है इसमें हार नहीं।
क्षमा वीर का भूषण है, यह कायर का व्यवहार नहीं।।

गुण न हो तो रूप व्यर्थ है
विनम्रता न हो तो विद्या व्यर्थ है
दया न हो तो धन व्यर्थ है
भूख न हो तो भोजन व्यर्थ है
होश न हो तो जोश व्यर्थ है
परोपकार न करने वाले का तो जीवन ही व्यर्थ है

Life is a pendulum between joy & sorrow.

This too shall pass

• The best gift you can give somebody to show you love them, is freedom. 

This explains why my parents put very few restrictions on me. They knew I wouldn't misuse the freedom. Being responsible and respecting the space others give me- definitely changed me(positively)!

• There is (almost) nothing universally right or wrong. 
Rightness is a relative concept. If you think something another person is doing is wrong, it might be perfectly right for them. Before knowing the purpose of why they did it, you shouldn't point at their action.
- Navneet Munot (contributed by Kruti Munot) "almost" edited by me.

There is always someone more intelligent, or prettier, or stronger, if not today, then maybe tomorrow, but there will be. So be humble, always.
At the same time, there is noone as You as you. So be your self, in fact your best self. self realistaion

In a few 100 or a few 1000 years (or anyway, a few billion years) from now, nothing will be as we know it, none will be for all that I know, make the best of life while you have it. Dad, Dada

My true inheritance is the knowledge & my experiences that I can share with you, the good things in life that I am able to teach you. Dada

Trust is the only thing that lasts. Dad, Dada

Your character is everything, & the only thing that will be with you no matter what. Prof. A. K. Mallik, ME 101, 1st. year

If suit be thy honour, it is but temporary.
But if honour be thy suit, it shall last a lifetime. Prof. Amit Ray, Art 102, 1st year

Reduce your expectations to zero & happiness becomes a reality.

Guru Brahma, Guru Vishnu, Guru Devo Maheshwara
Guru sakshat Param Brahma, tasmai Shree guru ve namah।

Luck gives you an edge, but it is your hard work that makes that luck into success.

Watch your thoughts
           For your thoughts become your words
Watch your words
            For your words become your actions
Watch your actions
            For your actions become your habit
Watch your habits
            For your habits become your character
& your character is everything.

The Reason For Praying Is Not To Have All We Want,
But To Thank GOD For All He Has Given Us. (where God is the same as Father, Mother, Grandfather & Grandmother in my case.)

इक दिन बिक जाएगा माटी के मोल।
इस जग में रह जाएँगे प्यारे तेरे बोल।।

Love is freedom

अविनाशी जब विनाशी से मिलता है तो मैं जागता है, मैं का function मन है| Kushal Chand Karnawat, source : Kanhaiya Lal ji Lodha

Don't just be successful, be meaningful. Self

The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it  Kruti Munot

It takes 2 years to learn how to speak, but a lifetime to learn when to. Sambhav Karnawat

Wo sangharsh sangharsh hi kya, jo khudke liye kiya jaye, asli sangharsh to wo hai, jo samaaj ke liye kiya jaye. This quote reminded me of my Iitk Batchmate, Nandan Misra. Quote by Lord Krishna from the animated movie, Arjun the Warrior Prince.

Retry & do what I really want to do. Because I have realised, life does not give up on you as long as you don't give up on yourself. Sambhav Karnawat

“His tales of the Imass - he said the greatest proof of strength a male warrior could display was found in not once touching his mate with anything but tenderness.”

Excerpt From: Erikson, Steven. “Malazan 9 - Dust of Dreams.”
This material may be protected by copyright.

“All that we are is the result of what we have thought” - Buddha

To give money to something is easy, to give time is much more difficult.

“There is no struggle too vast, no odds too overwhelming, for even should we fail - should we fall - we will know that we have lived.'

Excerpt From: Erikson, Steven. “Malazan 08 - Toll the Hounds.” iBooks. 
This material may be protected by copyright.

Worrying won't stop the bad stuff from happening, it just stops you from enjoying the good.....GM Prof. Bardia

Santoshi aadmi sada sukhi
Lobhi aadmi dukhi

Paropkar is Punya, Paropeeda is paap

Sacchi taareef Wo nahin hoti jo log aapke mooh pe karte hain, sacchi taareef wo hoti hai jo log aapke peeche se karte hain

Koi pagal machal raha hai, Sansar ke sukh bhog kar
Koi pagal machal raha hai, tyag ka nritya dikha kar
Aham to aham hai, chahe kaisa bhi ho
Jeevan mein vish ghol raha hai
- Shri Mad Ranchal, through Khushboo, credits Niya

Live & let live. Mahaveer