December 10, 2013

AAP : Truly Ideological Parties Emerging in India

For the first time in my (relatively small) observation of Indian politics, I see 
1. The biggest party (BJP) is on the backfoot & unable to buy out the 'shareholding' to form a government.
2. The second biggest party (AAP) is getting a 'no-strings' (really?) support to form a government but is (till now) rejecting it based on true ideological differences.
Are we witness to a new era of true ideological political parties in the Indian politics?

P. S. : I have not observed not do I claim any thought leadership or even mildly extensive observation in the field of Indian politics, but I do know that such a situation is unprecedented. Almost every major election with a close-to hung assembly or parliament, we hear about bribes, buying favors, granting ministries & what not, but this time it feels different. Even though I am not even a Delhi based voter, but everytime I hear Kejriwal speak, I hear conviction & not just hollow convincing. It is not just IIT alma mater why I feel so, but I believe, a deep inherent integrity of the person, a humility & probably even sobriety.

On a second note, I just realised why I feel some of Kejriwal's words resonating in my mind. I have had the good fortune of knowing people with such convictions.

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