November 26, 2011

The One thing even Rajnikanth cannot do . .

You have been tagged, you non-believer. How could even think there was something that Rajnikanth could not do.

Now Rajnikanth will come & hunt you down even in Hell, if he has to.

Anna Rascala!

November 25, 2011

Groupon - Too much of a good thing?

Groupon Wild Success almost made them bankrupt!

Sometimes, there can be too much of a good thing.
Baker frosts a chocolate cupcake April 19, 2011, in New York City. (Spencer Platt/Getty Images)
A small bakery experimented with using Groupon to attract customers, and the decision -- which in some ways proved wildly successful -- almost shut down the business.

Rachel Brown of Need a Cake bakery in the United Kingdom put an ad on Groupon, a group-discount website, offering 75 percent off on cupcakes to those who bought a dozen, BBC reported. The $40 cupcakes suddenly cost $10.

Turns out, people like their cupcakes. And their deals.

The bakery, based in Woodley, received 8,500 requests for a dozen cupcakes, far above the normally 100 it produces a month. Brown suddenly had to make 102,000 cupcakes. Brown's company only employs eight people, and she had to bring in an outside agency to handle the orders. The temporary agency cost her $19,500, effectively wiping out her year's profits, MSNBC reported.

"Without doubt, it was my worst ever business decision," she told BBC. "We had thousands of orders pouring in that really we hadn't expected to have. A much larger company would have difficulty coping."
Brown told the Daily Telegraph that her staff was working around the clock, and one person came in at 3 a.m. because she couldn't sleep as a result of the cupcake stress. Brown said she does not plan on doing this again.

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Self composed one liners, statuses

Just to keep track of that random stuff. Call me a narcissist if you wish :P

  • Your thoughts become your words & actions, rule over your thoughts & you shall rule the world.
  • My Customer is my Brand Ambassador.
  • I like my life simple, I like complications only in my watches.
  • The day a girl tags me in a "married to" post, I'll know I'm in deep shit.
  • If Sunny Leone & Sunny Deol got married & had a kid, their child's passport would say
    Father's Name - Sunny Deol
    Mother's Name - Sunny Deol
  • I am really bad with excel files. I should probably take a job in an investment bank so I can learn it in my 1st year.
  • Ted Mosby sure takes a hell lot of time to tell a story.
  • If you think I am rude to you, you cannot imagine how rude I am to myself.
  • The beauty of voice & sadly it is abused
  • Aptitude test for IITs! & this is not even from Faking News!
    Govt. seems to be playing dumb, dumb & bumber with IITs! :-/
  • Don't FACEBOOK your problems, FACE them.
  • Not self composed this one - A boy to very rude girl - If i ever have to commit suicide I ll jump from your Ego level to your IQ level. :)
  • Teacher: Where is the Capital of India?
    Student: In Swiss Bank
  • the 44th top selling book on amazon is What Every Man Thinks About Apart From Sex & guess what, the book is blank!
  • BTP completed, aisa lag raha hai jeevan safal ho gaya! lol
  • Its just so strangely awesome that just as you are about to become an emotionless working machine, someone walks into your life & reminds you what being human is all about.
  • God could not be everywhere, so he created Mothers
    Devil could not be everywhere, so he created Girlfriends!
  • All forces of nature work towards one end, happiness :)
  • Seek forgiveness and Forgive all!
  • Let noble thoughts come to us from all directions, will never forget it. ( BVB Vidyashram )
  • The people who get on in this world are the people who get up and look for the circumstances they want, and, if they can't find them, make them.
  • Its is never to late to seek forgiveness and forgive. It is always equally pleasant and harmonious to do so!
  • Mickey Mouse is so lucky, he shares my birthdate!

Song every Entrepreneur relates to

This is one song that every entrepreneur hums in whatever he does. Enjoy!

The spirit goes as

Your way is your way and my way is mine.
Mine is the foolish way, and your way is fine.
You follow your way and get what you're after.
I'll get nothing but sorrow and laughter.
You'll be wealthy, filthy with money.
You'll get limousines and not count the cost.
I'll have adventures tragic and funny.
And I'll get nowhere except maybe lost.
You take the highway, the strait-narrow highway.
You'll get to heaven in a slow sure climb.
I'll shun the highway for paths that are way
And I'll go to Hell but I'll have a fine time.

November 23, 2011

What turning on my girlfriend taught me about business.

My girlfriend had some issue, she'd very rarely get turned on. & obviously that was very irritating for me. This post is not about that. This post is about what that taught me about business.

I talked to her about it but she didn't know why that happened.So I did the one thing any one does when they want to know something, I googled "Why does my girlfriend not get turned on?" (I know that is crap, but this is like a few years back & well, who gives a shit)

Back to the point & well you won't believe the kind of results I found, from diseases & disorders to cheating & what not! All CRAP.

I thought over it a little & maybe, the next day, I did another google search, "How to turn on my girlfriend?" This one worked out a lot better, if you know what I mean. ;-)

Lesson - Stop cribbing about things, start finding out ways you can change it.

What did your girlfriend/boyfriend teach you?

November 22, 2011

My attempt at Loev Poem

Love Poem, not really my best trait. Trying a raw savage Loev Poem instead.

When I am with you
I am no longer me
When I talk to you
I am no longer me

When you hug me
I am in a different world
When you kiss me
I am in a heavenly world

You changed me
the moment you hugged me
from a mindless working robot
into a Loev-ing human.

November 21, 2011

The Power of Women - A liberated mind

Vasanth Kannabiran Photo:Nagara Gopal
Vasanth Kannabiran Photo:Nagara Gopal

Teacher and activist, Vasanth Kannabiran takes pride in her tireless crusade for women's rights. She says she could never have described herself as a writer, poet or scholar but for the feminist movement.

As she walks towards you slowly, in her crisp cotton saree, with bobbed silver hair and a warm smile, she exudes a radiance that is almost palpable — one that is but a reflection of countless struggles braved, of numerous wars won. Of a life spent well.

Passion, Focus & Real Victories


3 very important qualities for any entrepreneur, innovator & actually any human being in general.

Passion - Sticking to what you believe in even when you are not instantaneously successful, giving your everything to that one idea or thought you believe in. More on passion at Passion, My Conservative Girlfriend

Focus - Working like a mad scientist (I am a fan of all those "mad" scientists, Newton, Edison, Galileo who'd work for days, maybe months in their labs without stopping, even blow up their labs but not give up until they achieved what they set out to achieve)

Real Victories - This is the most subtle point of the three. A lot of people, including me, make this very big mistake, almost unknowingly. We live the Oprah Moments & forget our goal in the process. What was it that you'd set out to achieve in the first place? These Oprah moments are not the real deal, it is achieving the primary goals that is important.

Natalie, a TEDxTeen speaker puts it beautifully in this 15 minute video below. Check it out!

November 17, 2011

11 year old TedX Speaker

You are never too yound (or old) to do anything. People don't believe me when I say that, so I guess you should believe this 11 year old kid who creates Iphone apps & was invited to give a speech at TedXManhattanBeach

Bookmark this & next time you feel, you do not have enough experience to do something, come back here, watch this video again, get to work & do it! :D

Need more inspiration - Check this out - 7 year old entrepreneur's message to parents

Real Reason why Google Plus exists

It has nothing to do with Social Media or competing with facebook. Not even closely.

What I think the real reason for existence of Google Plus is not social media but social searching. Think of it, where do you see the Google Plus button or icon most often, on the Google Search results page.

November 11, 2011

PETA Controversial India

PETA Controversials, Latest in the series! Earlier Controversials at

This one is actually decent by the standards, what do you think?

November 4, 2011

Three Commandments of Life

Three very simple & basic rules that I learned when I was a kid & that have always helped me.

1. You want something done, Go & Do It! Stop waiting for people to go & do it, YOU go & do it. You will get a lot more work done this way.

2. You want something, Ask for it! More often than not, it will work. Even if it does not, it does not matter because it changes nothing. When you'd not asked for it you were not getting it anyway. Yes, that is the reason a lot of people find me aggressive in my dealings. My Dad, even more so.
3. Do what you love & you'll love what you do. Life is short. Use it meaningfully while you can. More on Passion at

What are the commandments that guide your life?

8 Tech Innovations that can change the world!

1. Why Digital Medical Records Could Save Your Life

On average, an individual has 19 different doctors over the course of a lifetime. When patients see new doctors, they often spend a chunk of the appointment explaining their ailments and medical history. They may even have bloodwork done, even if they had it done recently at a different doctor’s office.
If the medical records system was digitized and all the information was in one convenient place, visits to the doctor would be quicker and less redundant. That “convenient place” is the cloud.

2. How Powermat Is Leading the Charge for Wireless Electricity


What’s worse when you’re on the go — your smartphone running out of battery life with no power outlet anywhere to be found, or having to carry around a charger?
Frankly, both these situations are the pits. That’s why wireless power pioneer Powermat is doing all it can to solve the on-the-go charging problem and make wired charging a thing of the past.

3. How Super-Strong Glass Keeps Your Smartphone Screen From Breaking


So many consumer electronics have touchscreens these days, and we tend to take them for granted. Sure, they might break or crack, but they’ve gotten considerably more durable over the years. That’s thanks in large part to innovation by a team at Corning, manufacturers of Gorilla Glass.
That’s not to say that Gorilla Glass is shatterproof, but it’s definitely more resilient in the face of tumbles and general clumsiness than previous glass displays.

4. How Virgin Galactic Plans to Open Space Travel to the Masses


In the 50 years since the former Soviet Union sent the first man into orbit (Yuri Gagarin), a total of 517 people have flown in space.
With the U.S. Space Shuttle fleet now retired, private companies are finding a way to make space exploration accessible not just to the wealthiest few, but to all mankind. It’s up to these companies to turn space into a legitimate business.

5. Location & Privacy: Why Flickr’s New Feature May Change Photo Sharing


Does the era of the always-on location-aware device demand a new genre of privacy settings? More robust geo-privacy settings, perhaps?
That’s the motivation behind Flickr geofences, a newly added precautionary and practical feature that allows users to map out zones and set distinct location-sharing settings for those areas.


6. Connected Cars: The Fine Line Between Innovation & Distraction

The truth is, the auto companies are gun shy about adding too many social media hooks into their vehicles. The main reason is that they could distract drivers. Opposition by transportation secretary Ray LaHood doesn’t help, either.
For four years, though, Ford and Microsoft have offered a middle ground with their Ford Sync technology.

7. How Google Is Leading the Way to a Voice-Activated Future

Speech and voice recognition technology have been around for half a century, but it’s still far from mainstream. Where are the machines that write down what we say? Where are the appliances that simply work based on voice commands?
That’s changing, though, thanks in no small part to Google‘s efforts in developing voice recognition tech. Since 2008, Google has been steadily releasing products that turn voice into text — and commands into action.

8. How Starbucks Is Paving the Way for Mainstream Mobile Payments

While near-field communication and QR code marketing campaigns are all the rage, the 2D bar codes pushing mobile payments are a little less sexy. Starbucks Card Mobile is a three-part system that includes 2D bar codes, scanners and mobile phone applications for iPhone, BlackBerry and now Android.
This seemingly simple system — especially when stacked up against Google’s pending NFC mobile payments program — allows Starbucks customers to pay with their phones at roughly 9,000 locations in the U.S.

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November 3, 2011

Why You should be Claustrophobic?

Earlier I was going to write this post as "Why Entrepreneurs are Claustrophobic?" later I thought it is applicable to everyone, not just entrepreneurs, & not everyone is claustrophobic, though I think they should be.

Here it goes . .

"Claustrophobia is the fear of enclosed spaces." (just in case you didn't know already)

People are often very restricted by narrow boundaries & dare not think beyond those finite confinements. I am afraid of these boundaries, not to break them but to be in them. I cannot be in those small rooms where creativity, ideas, innovation, thinking different are restricted. & I believe nobody should be allowed in such "rooms" with small spaces.

Whenever somebody tries to put me into that confined box where thinking is restricted I start shouting, writhing, screaming out loud. I am claustrophobic, I freak out in those confinements. Don't try to confine me in them. Don't try to confine anyone in them. The world is a open place to live in, everyone should be allowed the freedom of thought, freedom to creativity, freedom to open thought, freedom to be truly free, it is the freedom of not just human beings given by the Constitutions of various countries but a freedom given to every sentient being in the universe by Nature.

Let that freedom prevail. Start being claustrophobic, don't ever get confined. 

Think Big! Dream Big! Achieve Big!

What do you think? Are you Claustrophobic? Tell me your comments & reactions below