November 25, 2011

Self composed one liners, statuses

Just to keep track of that random stuff. Call me a narcissist if you wish :P

  • Your thoughts become your words & actions, rule over your thoughts & you shall rule the world.
  • My Customer is my Brand Ambassador.
  • I like my life simple, I like complications only in my watches.
  • The day a girl tags me in a "married to" post, I'll know I'm in deep shit.
  • If Sunny Leone & Sunny Deol got married & had a kid, their child's passport would say
    Father's Name - Sunny Deol
    Mother's Name - Sunny Deol
  • I am really bad with excel files. I should probably take a job in an investment bank so I can learn it in my 1st year.
  • Ted Mosby sure takes a hell lot of time to tell a story.
  • If you think I am rude to you, you cannot imagine how rude I am to myself.
  • The beauty of voice & sadly it is abused
  • Aptitude test for IITs! & this is not even from Faking News!
    Govt. seems to be playing dumb, dumb & bumber with IITs! :-/
  • Don't FACEBOOK your problems, FACE them.
  • Not self composed this one - A boy to very rude girl - If i ever have to commit suicide I ll jump from your Ego level to your IQ level. :)
  • Teacher: Where is the Capital of India?
    Student: In Swiss Bank
  • the 44th top selling book on amazon is What Every Man Thinks About Apart From Sex & guess what, the book is blank!
  • BTP completed, aisa lag raha hai jeevan safal ho gaya! lol
  • Its just so strangely awesome that just as you are about to become an emotionless working machine, someone walks into your life & reminds you what being human is all about.
  • God could not be everywhere, so he created Mothers
    Devil could not be everywhere, so he created Girlfriends!
  • All forces of nature work towards one end, happiness :)
  • Seek forgiveness and Forgive all!
  • Let noble thoughts come to us from all directions, will never forget it. ( BVB Vidyashram )
  • The people who get on in this world are the people who get up and look for the circumstances they want, and, if they can't find them, make them.
  • Its is never to late to seek forgiveness and forgive. It is always equally pleasant and harmonious to do so!
  • Mickey Mouse is so lucky, he shares my birthdate!

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