November 3, 2011

Why You should be Claustrophobic?

Earlier I was going to write this post as "Why Entrepreneurs are Claustrophobic?" later I thought it is applicable to everyone, not just entrepreneurs, & not everyone is claustrophobic, though I think they should be.

Here it goes . .

"Claustrophobia is the fear of enclosed spaces." (just in case you didn't know already)

People are often very restricted by narrow boundaries & dare not think beyond those finite confinements. I am afraid of these boundaries, not to break them but to be in them. I cannot be in those small rooms where creativity, ideas, innovation, thinking different are restricted. & I believe nobody should be allowed in such "rooms" with small spaces.

Whenever somebody tries to put me into that confined box where thinking is restricted I start shouting, writhing, screaming out loud. I am claustrophobic, I freak out in those confinements. Don't try to confine me in them. Don't try to confine anyone in them. The world is a open place to live in, everyone should be allowed the freedom of thought, freedom to creativity, freedom to open thought, freedom to be truly free, it is the freedom of not just human beings given by the Constitutions of various countries but a freedom given to every sentient being in the universe by Nature.

Let that freedom prevail. Start being claustrophobic, don't ever get confined. 

Think Big! Dream Big! Achieve Big!

What do you think? Are you Claustrophobic? Tell me your comments & reactions below

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