November 21, 2011

Passion, Focus & Real Victories


3 very important qualities for any entrepreneur, innovator & actually any human being in general.

Passion - Sticking to what you believe in even when you are not instantaneously successful, giving your everything to that one idea or thought you believe in. More on passion at Passion, My Conservative Girlfriend

Focus - Working like a mad scientist (I am a fan of all those "mad" scientists, Newton, Edison, Galileo who'd work for days, maybe months in their labs without stopping, even blow up their labs but not give up until they achieved what they set out to achieve)

Real Victories - This is the most subtle point of the three. A lot of people, including me, make this very big mistake, almost unknowingly. We live the Oprah Moments & forget our goal in the process. What was it that you'd set out to achieve in the first place? These Oprah moments are not the real deal, it is achieving the primary goals that is important.

Natalie, a TEDxTeen speaker puts it beautifully in this 15 minute video below. Check it out!

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