November 23, 2011

What turning on my girlfriend taught me about business.

My girlfriend had some issue, she'd very rarely get turned on. & obviously that was very irritating for me. This post is not about that. This post is about what that taught me about business.

I talked to her about it but she didn't know why that happened.So I did the one thing any one does when they want to know something, I googled "Why does my girlfriend not get turned on?" (I know that is crap, but this is like a few years back & well, who gives a shit)

Back to the point & well you won't believe the kind of results I found, from diseases & disorders to cheating & what not! All CRAP.

I thought over it a little & maybe, the next day, I did another google search, "How to turn on my girlfriend?" This one worked out a lot better, if you know what I mean. ;-)

Lesson - Stop cribbing about things, start finding out ways you can change it.

What did your girlfriend/boyfriend teach you?

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