August 1, 2013

Peace : Why can't we all sit down & have tea (or coffee)

Kruti Munot, a (brilliant) high-school student, a thinking teenager has this to say to the World Leaders,
'why don't we all sit down & drink Tea (or coffee)' or juice for that matter, I add. But relax, it is just life.
Why do we need so many weapons & nuclear weapons? What for? If we use them, any of us, ultimately all of us will be dead. More of us will be dead, anyway.
& what will the firing one get? Smug satisfaction that a kid has. 
You can get that satisfaction by writing a story, playing badminton (or other sports) or so many other things?
Where is the need to fight? Why the desire to fight & kill?
Oh, & read Tuesdays with Morrie while you are at it. Good read.


  1. Added this post via phone?

    PS, you're too kind with all these brilliant-ish compliments! =)

  2. Yes, via phone. How'd you guess?
    P. S. : corrected the air to sit, autocorrect'

  3. You are a generous reader. You always leave kind comments.

  4. Guessed because there was 'air' instead of 'sit'. Only autocorrect can do that..

  5. Thought so.


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