August 12, 2013

Rage against Times of India

Today I happened to read an Article in Times of India - On Eid, Ahmedabad mall charges entry fee from Muslims - The Times of India.

This is most pathetic Journalism from ToI. 

Yesterday, even I had gone to Himalaya Mall, and even I was charged 20 rupees. And no, I am not a Muslim. So the Headline is completely wrong factually and also misleading.

Moreover the journalist should understand. That 20 rupee coupon was useable for anything you purchase. And if nothing, one could eat an ice-cream with that coupon.

Also, this was totally a decision of Mall Administration. And I feel to a point it was correct on Mall administration part. Because when I was in the lift and the lift was full to its capacity, the lift man told the people to wait as it could not accommodate more people, but as soon as the door would close these people would push the lift button and run away, thus not letting the lift to operate. They were also banging the lift doors.
So the decision to charge a token entry fee was to keep this kind of miscreants away. The Mall was not a very big one, and they did not have the capacity to handle a crowd of 30,000 people so they took this decision.

But why does ToI have to sensationalize every news and make the Muslim community feel unwanted in this country ?

Moreover, during summers, when I was in Bangalore, the security stopped 2 kids from entering Mantri Mall. Why? Because they looked poor, and the guard did not let them in, because he knew they would not buy anything. This was a really unfortunate incident. But does this make the Congress CM Siddaramaiah Anti-Poor? NO.

But here, the reporter goes on to write that it was "discrimination for many Muslims in Narendra Modi's Gujarat".

This is nothing but a cheap publicity stunt by ToI to incite communal conflict.

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