August 24, 2013

Background music of life

There is a background music in life. 
Here is what you need to do to listen to it.
1. Go to a garden or a park.
2. Find an isolated space in the park, close to a tree preferably.
3. Sit down & stop thinking.
4. Yes, stop thinking about work, about your girlfriend or boyfriend or spouse.
5. Take out that iphone or ipod ear plug.
6. Relax. (lie down if it helps)
7. Be at peace with yourself.
8. Listen to the birds chirping, the air rustling the leaves of the tree, observe the ants working, the squirrels running around.
That is the music of life.

Rinse & repeat.


  1. =) I think point 3 is the toughest.

  2. How about point 7?

  3. Would happen if point 3 and 4 happen, I think.

  4. Maybe. Interesting observation. But removing makes the list feel incomplete to me.


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