August 3, 2013

Importance of solitude

I want to be at peace with myself. There is a certain joy of oneself that comes only in solitude, in absence of most thoughts, in the absence of others' changing opinions, thoughts, talks & presence. I have often felt it as a field.
I have a field around me, so does everyone else, the fields interact when people come close. In the absence of others, there is no interaction of my field with others. There is no clash, no boundaries merged.
There is peace.
At such times thoughts clear up, the heart beat slows down, breaths lengthen & the mind & body relax. In this absence of thoughts, I feel focused. Earlier I used to feel empty, lost , in the this very state. But now I feel focused. Now I know I must visit Akshar school this Tuesday.
This is a temporary state.
It is lost as soon as the thought of Alshar school has come. Now I am thinking why have I not gone there on the last 2 Tuesdays.
This peace is a temporary state.
It feels beautiful.
In the presence of others it is difficult to achieve.
I need to be peaceful with myself, all the time.
I must work on it.

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