August 10, 2013

Ruzzle : Game Review

Ruzzle, an addictive word game for iPhone & android. The game is pretty simple (& addictive) you have 4x4 matrix of alphabets (some repetitive) & you have to make words out of it.
Unlike most word games, Even 2-letter words are allowed in ruzzle.
Each game is divided into 3 rounds. There are bonus-point letters, bonus length points, bonus word points & achievements to unlock. A very simple & intuitive interface with low bandwidth requirements make the game all the more addictive. The game is highly multiplayer & is so fast & simple that I think any multi-player game should take a cue or two from the ruzzle interface.
The achievements do not work perfectly at times, but a good game overall.
Oh, & yes, Kruti recommended this game too! 

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