August 3, 2013

Book review : Tuesdays with Morrie

I would like to thank Bulbul Tunkalia & Kruti Munot for suggesting this wonderful heart-touching story to me.

'Love each other or perish.' - Professor Morrie

This story is not just about a teacher, Professor Morrie, or the author (& student), Mitch, neither just about life, but about loving & living. (I mistyped living as loving, only to realise it is correct too)

It is a beautiful story about what a dying man can teach the living, healthy ones about truly living. It is a story of love, compassion, heart-wrenching suffering, but most importantly living & embracing the present.

Professor Morrie reminds me of Mehra Uncle & my Nanasa, two vividly different & wise people who live on in me through their teachings.

The story also reminds me of Mrs. Rita Arora & Kanhaiya Lal ji Lodha, two great teachers who are both ill right now. :-(

Professor Morrie talks about 2 very important things, embracing life & loving people.
'Death can end life, not relationships.' -Professor Morrie
When you think about someone, when you think what they taught you, of the happy times you spent together, that person is listening, somewhere, somehow he or she is listening, and smiling. :-)
It is a wonderful story that brings you closer to your family & loved ones, that tells you there is only so much time we all have in Life, spend it lovingly with your loved ones, with people you love & people who live you.
I cannot put it better than Professor Morrie right now, so go ahead & read the book.

Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom

Edit : Listen!
Listen to your loved ones, talk to them, while you can. Saying good words about them when they are no more is not as good as saying the same good words (in present tense rather than past tense) to them in person.


  1. "Death ends a life, not a relationship" is my favourite quote from the book. Nice review. =)

  2. Thank you.


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