August 24, 2013

Destiny as a concept

Actually this post could have two titles, The Problem with Destiny or as it has been named, Destiny as a concept.
I just thought, I will write it in 2 parts, here is the first part. Edit : Third part, just thought of : Is death then destiny?
The problem with destiny :
Given : Destiny is defined as whatever is bound to happen will happen & whatever is happening was bound to happen.
To prove : destiny cannot be disproved.
Proof : Let us assume there exists a complex mathematical expression using which you are able to prove that destiny as a mathematical function does not exist.
 However from the very definition of destiny (as given above), it is right to comment that it was your destiny to prove that destiny does not exist.
Hence, your proof for non-existence of destiny is invalid.
Hence proved the problem with destiny by contradiction.

This brings me to the next point, destiny as a concept. 
Destiny is so defined to encompass & explain everything yet inexplicable or unfathomable by the human mind.
The fear of the unknown has troubled mankind since time immemorial. The human mind wants absolute predictability  about everything except itself. What is the best way to achieve that? Define a concept which says everything is as it is because it was (divinely ?) supposed to be this way. This concept is destiny. Whether a child dies young, or whatever the trouble, the victim has a concept to support himself, it was his destiny & nobody can escape destiny. Then destiny becomes a concept, a (almost scientific, in the sense that it was so well thought out) figment of mind that keeps people from despair & gives people something to cling to, even in the toughest times, such as harsh famine or terrible floods, 'honi ko kaun taal sakta hai।' & a very apt observation by a philosopher, 'You often meet destiny on the path you take to avoid it.'

Which brings me to the third part, is death then destiny?
Death is the inevitable, the paramount truth of life. 
'जो जन्मा है, वह मरेगा ही।
जो आया है, वह कभी न कभी जाएगा ही।
मृत्यु जीवन का शाश्वत सत्य है।।'
Who has been born, will die. (some day)
That which has come (or been created) will be destroyed some day.
Death is the paramount, static truth of life.
Does this not lead to the concision that death is destiny?

To end the post with a self-thought & belief,
Destiny may be made in heavens, but you need to work hard in Life to achieve it.

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