August 28, 2013

Philosophy & Innovation : Cognitive Thinking, the common link?

Is there a relation? I think so. In my opinion it is quite similar to evolution. Both have their roots in the same ground, just the context or the environment in different. Sometimes  even the environment is similar.

IMO, both innovation & philosophy involve thinking. Thinking at a deeper level than usual. (technically you are 'thinking' when your brain 'commands' your hand to pick up the spoon & feed you, but I am referring to thinking in its more complex usage). 
When I 'innovate', the process involved thinking, I need to find a scope, a need, a method to fulfill that need & then think how to implement it & implement it.
Philosophy is not much different. When I am musing about life, the purpose of life and such other rudimentary concepts, I am often trying to find a need, for life, a way to explain what is happening & why is it happening & apply it to life.

So is it just that they are 2 different types of thinkings? Maybe. Yet to figure it out.

This was my answer to a question about the relation between innovation & philosophy.


  1. Innovation is a subset of philosophy, imo.

  2. Oh, nothing meaningful. Innovation need not necessarily be technological innovation. Innovation in thoughts/perspectives is a result of _thinking_ about it.

    From wiki: Philosophy is the study of general and fundamental problems, such as those connected with reality, existence, knowledge, values, reason, mind, and language.

    Innovation is an attempt to solve a previously existing problem (most of the time). Be it a tech innovation or an innovation of any other sort, there is philosophy applied- perhaps on subtle levels- I think.
    Theories (in philosophy) are never certain, they've been thought over and tested and the one that fits best at the given moment is accepted. Same goes with innovation.

    (note: 3am brain here. Not to be taken too seriously, I probably won't understand any of this myself tomorrow)

  3. (note 2: I just realised, that comment is all a random mess and doesn't have much to do with what the point actually was... meh)

  4. But isn't that the very point I am trying to make?

  5. Oh, it is. *hides*

  6. Since you went into hiding 4 months ago, you are yet to come out. :P
    The coast is clear, you can come out now!


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