September 8, 2013

Shree Amar Bharti : September 1997 issue : A review

This is the essence of the September 1997 issue of Shree Amar Bharti. Imo

@Kruti, संतोषामृततृप्तानाम is a conjunction of 3 words, संतोष, अमृत, तृप्ति, a sanskrit word, actually a sentence said in a single word, संतोष रूपी अमृत तृप्त करती है।
संतोष = be happy with what you have
अमृत = nectar
तृप्ति = fulfilment

What it really means is, (IMHO) no matter how much worldly possession (money, land, investments, laptops, phones, gadgets, cars etc.) you have if you will experience fulfilment only when you are happy/satisfied with what you have. If you keep on wanting more & more, no matter how much you have, you will never experience fulfilment.

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