October 23, 2011

Crazy Indian SMS Policy : TRAI

Telecom regulatory Authority of India has come up with an amazing-ly stupid SMS spam control policy for the country, & I must tell you they could not have been stupider!

What was the problem?
Unsolicited Promotional SMS (read SPAM) were wreaking havoc throughout the country. Something had to be done (they realized it, & this was the only part they got correct)

What they did?
Very Very Weird.
They set a stupid limit of sending 100 sms/day. That means if me & my (read imaginary) girlfriend were texting & she runs out of sms she cannot send me any more sms even though she is not spamming me! So the very lucrative option of texting is no longer viable. - STUPID.

Oh, & that's not it. There's also this time limit, You cannot sms between 9 A.M. & 9 P.M. using any of the free sms services (like way2sms etc.) so, When you chat, you need to chat between 3 P.M. & 9 P.M. (taking into account the time I wake up so. .)

Can you think of any stupider way of doing a novel thing as stopping SPAM & (Read TRAI-ng) TRYING to screw up?

Read my earlier post on this No Indian can do this!


  1. its stupid,irritating and so annoying :/ and i miss long chats with my (read imaginary) boyfriend :D :P

  2. I had no idea you have an imaginary boyfriend lol
    Doesn't TRAI realize they have made a mistake?

  3. TRAI is following the same policy as been done by Bangalore Police for long.. stop night life after 11 PM to stop drink and drive problems, bloody cant just police do their job of checking for people who drink and drive? instead of putting a ban on night life, dance floor and music.. Assholes

  4. I had no idea. These government agencies are lazy & stupid. They want to work less so they make things inconvenient for the people!
    I always thought Bangalore was a youth hub but that is such a party killer. :-/

  5. he just sarted existing the moment i read ur post :P

  6. Does that make me the inspiration for your (imaginary) boyfriend? :P


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