October 10, 2011

iPhone 4S : Special Feature for India?

IPhone 4S Siri Demo.
If you have seen the IPhone 4S Siri demo, click here to skip the video & read the post, but if you haven't seen the demo yet, you should see it before reading the post.


Special Feature for India : What is the one feature you think should be added to Siri to make it a sure shot success in India?

Missed Call. "Siri, Give XYZ a missed call" & your sends the perfect missed call that XYZ cannot pick up by any chance! I'd definitely buy that phone! :D

If you don't understand this post, read my earlier post, Indian Innovation - The Missed Call

P.S. : I don't think Apple has yet announced any plans for this feature, but it'd make IPhone so much cooler! :D

What do you think?

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