October 12, 2011

Troopp.com - Empower an NGO Today

Troopp.com is a startup by an alumni of IIT Kanpur, with a noble mission. Actually, it is my senior's (& a recent friend :) startup.

Before , talking about the startup, let me tell you why am I writing about it. The reason is not, because he's a senior, not even close. About a month back, we  had a conversation that started about TedX IIT Kanpur.We got to talking about our ventures & it was a conversation that inspired me. I don't what part of it, but what Rishabh is trying to doing at Troopp.com was really an inspiration. That inspiration made me write this blog post, which I am finally completing after a month. (Yes, this post has been pending for a month, that is the price you pay as an IITian :-P )

All images posted here are taken from troopp.com with Rishabh's prior permission. Please do not reproduce the images without consent from Troopp.


  • What?  
Helping, rather empowering NGOs with the best talent available. What Troopp does is it pools human resources & talented individuals (Trooppers) & connects with NGOs. Troopers can take up tasks or projects for these NGOs & help them out with their work.
  • Why Troopp?
I don't know if you have tried this, but sometimes even when want to work with an NGO, it can be very difficult to find the right NGO for yourself. To find a cause that you really feel for can at times be tedious & especially finding the right project that you want to do with them, for let's say just a week or two, or maybe even weekend. Troopp makes this simple because right now it has over 170 NGOs working in diverse fields. They require people from different fields including Design, Marketing, Strategy, Content Writing, Videography, Photography etc. So you can simply use this interface to find the cause you feel for & task you want to take up! As simple as 1, 2, 3.

  • How? 
Just go to http://www.troopp.com, register & find a project you want to work on. The user interface itself is very simple. the selection of tasks can be made from
  • Why?
I'll have Rishabh answer this question when we meet.
  • Why would people become Trooppers?
I'd say, work experience & the satisfaction of helping someone should be reasons good enough for someone to work with NGOs. Or if you are one of those who wanted to work with an NGO but could never find the right match (work or organization), this is your platform to do it!
  • Corporate Social Responsibilty
Another thing I really like about Troopp is that, not only are they helping people work with NGOs, they are also involving corporate houses to provide incentives to the volunteers, for eg. goodies & some monetary benefits if possible. This participation counts towards the firm's CSR.

I love what they are doing & I hope you appreciate it too! Now probably of the more striking points, which is actually subtle in a way

  • Profits or NGO
I don't know if it occurred to you, but nowhere have I mentioned how are they (people at Troopp) making money. That is what I'd also asked Rishabh & the fact is they are not, they are almost running it as an NGO with self-contributed capital. What I see here, is passion. The belief in the vision, the commitment to a cause (in this case, empowering NGOs). It is amazing! Inspiring, even more so.

I guess, Troopp will be the first startup to be featured on Jewelove Foundation for Innovation & Entrepreneurship whenever I create it.

I'll complete this post after I meet Rishabh, maybe by 20th October 2011. Can't wait to meet him!
Bookmark this post & visit again on 20th October for the complete post!

What are you waiting for?

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