October 12, 2011

Jugnu, satellite made by Indian students launched!

Jugnu, Indian Nano Satellite created by the students of IIT Kanpur (my friends, batchmates, seniors, juniors) under the guidance of our Professors here at IIT Kanpur, is in orbit! :D

India’s Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV-C18) put Jugnu along with 3 other satellites into orbit yesterday. The other satellites were : Megha-Tropiques, an Indo-French satellite to study the weather and climate in the tropical region of the world; SRMSat built by the students of SRM university, near Chennai; Vesselsat from Luxembourg.

Back to Jugnu, as the Jugnu website puts it, the development of the Jugnu started in the year 2008 with a team of 3 students. With time, the team has grown to the size of more than 50 students ranging from 1st year
undergraduates to final year postgraduates and 14 professors from different disciplines, & finally the satellite is in orbit now!

Why am I so excited & blogging about it?
 Besides that it a proud moment for Indians, IITians, students of IIT Kanpur etc. I had been seeing (or actually not seeing) some of my friends work so hard for so long & to see (or know) that is into orbit is an amazing feeling! :D (cannot even imagine how Parul & the rest of the team who worked on Jugnu, must be feeling!)
Kudos to the Jugnu Team!

I will try & update this post with reactions from Parul & other team members soon! (Can't wait to meet her & see her reaction, & hopefully other members of the Jugnbu team too! :D )

Here are some photos of the Jugnu team & the Jugnu Satellite! (taken from the Jugnu IITK website)

Jugnu Nanosatellite

Jugnu nanosatellite has started communicating from 12:48 hrs onward. It's signal has been tracked at ISRO, Bangalore. HAM operators all over the world sensed its presence by listening to the 'Beacon' signal from it.

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