October 14, 2011

Nostalgic - Mall Volunteer, all over again

Mall Volunteer, brings back memories.

Right now, 3 A.M. I am sitting with bacchas at the Mall (now known as Informals) stall, really missing my own 1st year team, Amit Nayak, Kandoi & everyone else. Vineet is getting his ass kicked on the mall stage, as usual (haha)

Although there is no bakra or after hours happening this year (sadly) but what I love about Mall (& Antaragni, in general) is the innovation, the creativity that people bring to the table.

The passion of the people has only grown over time, the Mall team has grown to over 100 people! (though I am sure still about 50 would really be working). There are some new things, interesting stuff happening, aka the Gaming Arena, some fussball & supergrid happening.

As usual, people sitting velle at the mall desk, enjoying (Vineet's dramatics) & the company.

Its almost amazing how conditions change, people change but the ideas, the passion live on.

Nostalgic, to say the least

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