October 26, 2013

Victory, Glory, Success, Happiness should Transcend

I am watching Bhaag Milkha Bhaag right now & I have just realised the real domain of X. (x = success, fame, glory, happiness etc.)
It is & should not be limited to personal success, fame, glory or happiness but transcend. 
Transcend into the lives of the self, the family, employees, friends, close ones, locality, city, state, country further into the humanity across the world & even the world itself, & finally into the true self.
Eg. Sachin Tendulkar, once upon a time it was the pleasure of a few to watch him play & succeed, then of Mumbai (Ranji) then of India, later of the people all over world. Even further he became an inspiration for not just sportsmen but a role model for personal lives & professional ethics. Similarly Rahul Dravid, Milkha Singh (as depicted in the movie) & numerous other people.
Similarly Bhagwaan Mahaveer.

Remember it should transcend to your self & it will complete you.

Because it is not just about money. It is about a lot lot more.

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