February 1, 2012

What is Junglee.com?

Junglee.com used to be the official website of Junglee Corp. which Amazon took over alongwith AllPlanetCorps in 1998 for $280 Million. Junglee Corp, then based in Sunnyvale was a provider of database technology to help consumers find products on the Internet, also known as an aggregation & comparison shopping service.

That is what Junglee.com used to be, as of right now, junglee.com is not a website functioning but the domain name still rests with Amazon.

Now Amazon plans to launch in India under the name of Junglee.com

Trivia : Junglee means wild in Hindi & the late Shammi Kapoor maintained his website at http://www.junglee.org.in which is now maintained by his family.

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