July 28, 2011

Facebook versus Google +

The Grand battle between facebook & google has begun again! Again, because the earlier battles were lost by Google, namely orkut, google me (which was never launched full fledgedly)

A lot of excitement has been around google plus, but it all seems to be dying out already. According to the stats, close to 20 Million people are already on Google + (remarkable given the amount of time they've been online) but the visitor stats & time spent by users on google plus is already falling, especially since the Facebook Skype collaboration! With the facebook & the skype user base, it totally roots out hangouts (where anyway just 10 people can "hang out" at a time)

Besides that, facebook enjoys the patronage of the whole web! Especially, with all the open social & web apps developed using facebook APIs, facebook has become an integral part of the web!

Another critical factor is, Brands & Businesses! Google Plus still hasn't rolled out anything comparable to Facebook Pages,whereas facebook is already planning to go to the next level this fall.

Though nobody is sure what the next level for facebook is going to be, but experts have speculated some tremendous changes coming up that might totally root out competition for facebook!

Faceboo or Google, whom do you think will be the Lord of Social Media?

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