March 23, 2012

What are the iPhone APN GPRS settings for Vodafone India?

iPhone 4s - How to setup APN configurations
This is one question every iPhone user in India faces. How do you setup APN configuration on iPhone. The answer lies in . .

. . the iPhone Configuration Utility.

Download & Install the iPhone Configuration Utility for your Operating System (Windows or Lion).

Each step mentioned below has the same color identifier in the screenshot below.
  • Launch the iPhone Configuration Utility.
  • Click on Configuration Profiles (on the left sidebar menu)
  • Click New
  • Click APN
  • Make the settings as per your service provided. The settings shown in the screenshot are for Vodafone India
You are done!
Go ahead & enjoy your new iPhone!

Update 9 June, 2014 : I have recently switched to 3G internet on Vodafone & these settings work for 3G on Vodafone in India for iPhone. Originally, I had posted these APN settings for 2G GPRS, however I noticed that I could easily switch to 3G without making any changes to the settings.

I hope these APN settings help you to setup internet on your new iPhone on the Vodafone network in India.

If you have any questions or doubts, post in the comments below.


  1. This was really very very helpful..Thanks a lot..

  2. Hi! I have 4s locked with rogers canada... i'm running my vodafone india sim on it with turbo... i've done these settings on it... but i'm still unable to use internet..:-( but i can send texts on whatsapp(only texts not images or videos) can u plz help me out.???

  3. This works only for unlocked iphones. For a locked iphone, you may need to contact your carrier (Rogers) & ask them who is their channel partner in India.

  4. i went through all the process but in the end installation is not happening. what should i do?

  5. Hi Atif,
    I have used 3G on roaming network, but never faced this issue.

  6. Are you on the Vodafone network? What is the iPhone model that you are using?

  7. Thanks a lot! 3G started working instantly on my iPhone 5S after following the steps suggested. Earlier i was able to connect to edge service only.

  8. Glad I was able to help.
    Sambhav Karnawat


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