July 2, 2012

Facebook launches Admin Roles for business Pages

Facebook Pages for Businesses
Facebook has finally launched Page Administrator Roles for business pages. It has been a long awaited feature in the small social media marketer community.

It allows the creator of the page (aka Manager) to add new admins & allow roles to them, you can select whom you want to be the content creator, moderator, advertiser, insights analyst & even a co-manager!

The reason this is important is, that you may want help advertising your page, but earlier you had to make an admin to allow him/her to advertise your page, which invariably also game him the power to post to your page, to delete content, reply to messages etc.

In short a pissed off social media advertisement-helper/consultant could totally ruin a page's facebook presence!

Now, finally there is a way around.

The table below explains the roles in a simple manner.
Page Manager Roles. Courtesy : Facebook

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