April 15, 2014

Kejriwal gets slapped because people can.

Just yesterday I & Dad were discussing, why is Arvind Kejriwal getting slapped & not the corrupt politicians? & today I read this on Yahoo! News.

It's part of who we are. Think of it like this: You won't hesitate to bargain with the poor vegetable vendor over a kilo of tomatoes, but will meekly pay up in the fancy store where the sign over the counter says 'fixed price'. You will abuse the hell out of the rickshawallah who cuts in front of your car, but will suck it up in silence if the offender is driving a high-end vehicle. Kejriwal is the Aam Aadmi - the vegetable vendor, the rickshawallah; he is us. And we are never so mean as when we deal with our peers.

We are like this only. And maybe we will never change.

And who knows - maybe the next government will be just as bad as the previous one. But at the least, don't forget to vote - it is the one time you get to make your voice count, for whatever it is worth.

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