May 22, 2014

Importance of Inexpensive Education

Importance of Inexpensive Education ( first post live on Medium.

I am normally against price control regulations & in favor of free markets. But I believe that college fees for higher education have crossed into the realm of craziness. To understand the problem, we have to understand what the true purpose of education is.
True Education is meant to free the mind & the spirit.
Whereas modern higher education is doing exactly the opposite. It is binding people in financial loans which leads them to think of just one thing, MONEY. True Education must empower human beings, it must set us free. It must give us the confidence, the knowledge & the ability to learn to achieve what we want to do, no matter how herculean the task, it must teach us to accomplish one step at a time, learning all the way.
Intelligence + Character, that is the true goal of education. — Martin Luther King.
If you have a student loan of $100,000 when you graduate, it is that much more difficult to refuse a job offer & follow your heart & do what you really want to do. You might want to teach the underprivileged, work on climate change or just take a year off & explore your interests. But it is not an easy decision to make for anyone, & it becomes that much harder when you have a $100,000 loan.

For the creativity of our generations to flourish, for educated people to follow their heart, it is imperative that they not be bound in loan at their peak, right after they graduate.

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