April 12, 2011

Dinosaurs & Humans : Similar Extinction patterns?

Is this how we will be annihilated?
  • Curve of Growth & Extinction
It is a very common notion throughout cultures of the rise & fall of something & actually everything. "There is light at the end of the tunnel" "Happiness or sadness, they will pass" "The faster you rise, the harder you fall" etc. there are numerous examples from various cultures supporting the concept of a life cycle. Even in business, no company or product or service has lasted forever, everything falls down or dies out & is replaced by something else, usually.

This is also the idea of evolution, Charles Darwin's Theory of Evolution.
  • Similarity between Humans & Dinosaurs
Why am I comparing the two? One simple reason, both are dominant species of their eras.
  1. They rule the world they live in (a major part of it anyway)
  2. They are/were at their prime until they started to die out or died out (assumption)
  3. Dinosaurs were the most dominant species of the Animal Kingdom in the Jurassic Age & Humans are in the modern age
  4. Humans have or are about to reach their prime
  5. The dinosaurs died out much faster than the rate at which they reached their prime (It is considered a general phenomenon of extinction or dying in general.) What I am trying to show essentially is

Is it possible that Humans too have reached their prime & Nature which "aided" them in reaching the prime by allowing it to develop or "giving" it a Supposedly superior brainpower as compared to other known species of their era (as it did by making Dinosaurs presumably larger & more powerful than most other species of their era) is now fed up of them (us essentially) & plans to or will eradicate us?

What is your opinion?

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This idea occurred to me when I was thinking of & relating the current climatic changes, extinction of species with the extinction of dinosaurs. Of course, no concrete data or even an all-explanatory theory is available on the latter concept, it is primarily a creation of my mind & imagination supported by some data & facts that I do have.

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