April 12, 2011

Human Interference or Extinction by Natural Selection

What set me thinking & reference for data : BBC Documentary

What I'm thinking is a bit strange & many may find the idea(s) weird too, but its an exploration into "What If?"

I Love Science & Technology, but what if?

These are basic facts, if you know them, move to The IDEA!
  • Fact : Almost 27,000 species of plants & animals are wiped out of existence eveyr year! Primary reason : Human activities.
  • Fact : By mid 1970's 50% of the virgin rainforests were destroyed. Primary reason : Deforestation by Humans
  • Fact : CO2 concentrations in air have increased by almost 40% in the last 250 years. They have crossed a limit in the last 250 years that they never crossed in the past 800,000 years! Primary reason : Industrialization of the Earth by Humans!
  • Fact : Ozone Layer is depleting at a rate of about 4% every decade, way too fast! Reason : Emission of CFCs & excess Nitrous compounds which cannot be regulated by Nature's existing mechanisms.
  • There are a lot of other facts & assumptions that can be set out. By the way, the assumption in the above points is that Human/Human activities are the primary reason of this all.
The Idea

Now, what I am thinking right now is
  • What If all this is not the wrongdoing of Man (not wanting to be a sexist, let's say) Humans, but that is how evolution works when Mass Extinction is required or desirable by Nature & its mechanisms?
  • What If when a species starts dominating the Earth, or Mass Extinction is desirable by Nature (for whatever reason, some discussed below), Nature "makes" the dominant specie lose control & initiate mass extinction?
Possible Reasons for Nature "wanting" this
Pure Science Fiction here, feel free to chip in!
  • Dominant specie(s) are breaking the Natural Cycle. For instance, in case of human civilization, advancement of medical sciences, ability to travel across the oceans, overcoming the need for migration etc.
  • Nature thinks it might be a good idea to let them dominate, then changed its nature or as we humans call it, changed its mind.
  • Nature wants to bring about a drastic change in the Life & Species & needs a medium to do that. Historical examples, extinction of the HUGE & Mighty dinosaurs & reducing their heirs to the size of snakes & lizards.
  • Nature determines a change in the planet-wide conditions is required without the influence of external forces likes an asteroid/meteorite strike, solar flares etc. which can lead to other changes undesirable by Nature.
  • Nature just got bored of the dominant species & wants a change.
This is primarily a creation of my mind & imagination & so in the blog, "Into the Mind!"

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