April 10, 2012

Iphone app sold for 1 Billion Dollars!

Forget about diamonds, rubies & fine jewelry, mobile apps is where the money is! Instagram, the sensational fastest growing iPhone app was acquired by facebook today for 1 Billion Dollars!

If you don't know what instagram is, catch a guy with an iphone & ask him which app does he use the most, you'll know what instagram is! Starting as a photo-app, one of the millions of photo-apps on iphone, instagram was unique in its relatively easy UI.

& It was an instant success!

In my opinion, (even being a relatively new iPhone user) instagram is Awesome! There is so much you can do with that app (& I am sure there so much in that app that I haven't tried out yet!)

Instagram makes it so easy to share photos with "friends" (more of connections, I'd say), that is primarily what facebook is about, on desktops, so let's say that now we will finally have a good facebook mobile sharing experience too!

P.S. : Last year, the company was valued at $100 Million, in fact it was valued at $500 Million just about a month ago!

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