April 14, 2012

Track everything IPL from one place - Quick IPL Stats - Symbolic Entrepreneurship

DLF IPL - Follow all scores & statistics at Quick IPL Stats
Crazy about Cricket? Here is an easy way to track all IPL action from one place, http://www.quickiplstats.com/

My senior from IIT Kanpur, Kaipa Karthik has developed this information center to track all the latest IPL Updates in one place, from match results, to most runs, most wickets, most sixes, most fours, best economy, best average & so much more!

This is a classic case of entrepreneurship (alternatively known as innovation). Why so?
Simple, almost all IPL fanatics talk about, do you know who hit the most 6's, took the most wickets etc. but until now, there was no (known) source to track all of it from one place unless you had a Rs. 45,000 iPhone & downloaded the IPL official app (though, I don't think even the IPL app does so much so simply).

You face a problem, you find a solution, you implement it. Others with the same problem, start following (or buying) your solution - classic entrepreneurship.

Well done Kaipa!

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