August 30, 2011

How Social Media moved a country to end Corruption!

You got it, another post on Anna Hazare & his fight against corruption. We all know how this Indian Army Veteran & Gandhian moved the whole country to a fight against corruption & finally won, at least partially. But what I emphasizing in this blog post is how he (or at least his supporters & his team) extensively used social media to move people to the cause.

Believe it or not, Anna Hazare is in the list of top 10 "Online Brands" of India! 

For a whole week, he was the SINGLE BIGGEST trending topic on twitter in India & had a fanbase of 380,000 people on facebook in just about a month, with more then 50,000 joining in in just 1 day!
The Official India Against Corruption (IAC) Facebook page received over 71,000 'likes' and 13,000 comments for mere 170 posts updated in the month of August. However, MTV India (, 2.9 million fans) and Dominos (, 0.5 million fans) received 21,000 'likes' (for 59 posts) and 11740 'likes' and 1568 comments (for 41 posts) respectively, during the same duration.

Anna also has a Klout Score  of 80, that is higher than even Amitabh Bachhan & is probably the second highest in India! For those of you not from the realm (yeah, I saw Thor recently) of social media, Klout is a score of your influence in social media, mostly your twitter influence though. For eg. I have a Klout score of over 24.

Moreover, there used to be a time, when I typed Anna in Google & it suggested Anna Kournikova & not Anna Hazare, so I guess that says a lot for Anna!

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