August 27, 2011

Google Blogger v/s Wordpress

Blogger v/s Wordpress

The grand battle between Blogger & Wordpress is something heavy on every new blogger's mind, including my own, when I had decided to start blogging. This is not one of those posts where I will list out merits of both, there are already a lot of posts on the internet that describe & compare features, merits & de-merits of both, wordpress & blogger, & other blogging platforms too, for that matter.

For me, I will tell you the reasons why I chose Blogger over Wordpress (both &
  1. Advanced Customization : The most crucial reason was the ability to tweak with the HTML in blogger. By editing the HTML & the design elements of blogger, I could design a blog as I wanted.
  2. Javascript : Ability to add Javascript, even wordpress gives you the ability to add HTML, but no javascript on wordpress, whereas on blogger you can add as much Javascript as you want!
  3. Hosting : A lot of people like to host their own blogs, I don't, that is one less task for me. On blogger, I can simply pay attention to the content part rather than the hosting part as I'd have to do otherwise on blogs, even with the "1 click installs" that many web hosts offer. For, it made no sense as I'd have had to buy a custom domain package & other advanced features, why pay for something that is available for free! ;)
  4. Multiple Blogs : I operate multiple blog, Official Jewelove Fine Jewelry Blog, The Ruby King Blog & My Personal Blog. I don't know how it goes on wordpress, but I knew that it was very easy to do, using one interface, on Blogger.
Those were the reasons for me, I don't know what are your requirements, if you want to discuss, feel free to post in the comments below!

    P.S. For people obsessed with stats, there are about 150 million public blogs on the internet (courtesy : wikipedia) & exactly 55,956,313 of them are hosted on i.e. about a third. Blogger does not publish similar stats.

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