August 27, 2011

New Venture coming up!

I had so much of work to do over this weekend, but the whole Saturday went into an important designing session with Shubham. I am not the type who pass time uselessly, & I certainly did not pass time today. Had a straight on 5 hour session, right after Nuclear Engineering class with Prof. Prabhat Munshi (those are classes I won't miss for a 100 bucks!), with Shubham on our new venture, Vuelta!

P.S., my new venture is not about Nuclear Engineering, not just yet, wait till I take over GE, then hopefully I will launch some Nuclear Power venture! :D

Anyway, enough of wishful thinking, back to the present, me & Shubham, the 2 of us  are launching a new venture & we sat down for 5 straight hours to design the brochures & posters of Vuelta!

Will keep you updated on it in the upcoming blog posts!

P.S. : If you own/run a school or have a contact in the senior management of a school, please drop in the details in the comments or drop us an email at or

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