January 25, 2012

Atheist Spirituality?

This is one of those midnight posts when I am really sleepy but there's so much going on in my mind that I cannot sleep.

I am an atheist, in about 90% of what the word means, at least. I believe that nobody can help you, no amount of prayers or wearing fine gems because a pandit told you to, will help if you are not working for the goal you have set yourself. Do right & get right reward is what I believe in.

Yet, I am spiritual. I awe when I look at the night sky, the vast scope of the Universe, the intricacies of Nature, the minute details of nature, how life on Earth has evolved, how every being has learned how to thrive, the delicate balance of nature. To see & imagine it, I cannot say that I am all that is there. There might be beings superior to me, there is definitely a force, the Force, there is a certain flow that I cannot deny. To give up work & hope that force will take care of me, I do not believe in.

Atheist, am I?

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  1. i find myself totally into the last para...thanks..


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