January 26, 2012

Mind, a pitchfork

This is story of me, my mind. It is a pitchfork in essence.
For those that may not know, pitchfork is a simple instrument that can
be tuned into a particular frequency. i.e. it responds only to that
frequency & considers any other frequencies as noise & does not
'respond' to it.
Similar is my mind. It needs to be tuned, aligned to a frequency only
then does it respond to that goal or stimuli otherwise it does not
care about that frequency or stimuli, ignores it as if it were noise.
A few years back I'd tuned it to studies, I excelled. Anything else,
my mind would simply ignore, because it was not tuned in to those
other frequencies.
Then there was a turbulent magnetic wind in my third year that
disturbed the tuning. Since then, being a pitchfork, it tuned in to
many frequencies from time to time, but none stuck for long.
Now I have a goal, Jewelove, I need to tune it again. I have done it
before & can do it again. Only when it is tuned in, will it the work
the way it should.
Only then, will there be freedom.

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