January 26, 2012

Truth, the anti-venom of fear

'Tu kar khudko buland itna, ki khuda bhi pooche,
Bata teri raza Kya hai|
Tu khuda ke bhi samaksh na jhuke,
Aisa aatmavishwaas tu swayam mein jaga|'

I do not know the source for these poetic lines, but sure do agree
with the essence.
Something bad happened lately, that should in ideal terms not happen,
not just to me but to anyone. But the world is not ideal.
When bad things happen, people tend to be afraid, be fearful. That is
wrong, fear is a venom, it spreads, it wrecks, it curbs the mind &
saps strength.
When I realized I was becoming fearful, of something, of unknown, I
realized the fear itself will not let me work. I started out to find a
cure, an anti-venom of fear.
What I realized was strikingly simple yet so profound.
Being Righteous, is the anti-venom of fear, in all rights. What
righteousness does is give you courage, self-reliance, freedom from

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