January 26, 2012

What led me to write the previous post

I forgot to mention the context of the previous post. My (maternal)
grandfather had a minor heart attack today. He was brought from the
village to Jaipur & admitted in Fortis. I met him in the morning then
came back from showroom later in the evening to meet him. One of his
acquaintances, a 'powerful' person with contacts at Fortis was also
there with me to meet him.
Now neither of us had visitors passes. Both the passholders were
upstairs. I called upstairs to send a pass.
While we were waiting for the passes, I was shocked that this person
argued with the guard, used their 'power' to enter the lift & get to
the ICU floor without the pass.
The reason I was shocked was at the abuse of power on someone who was
doing his duty, the guard, to crush a system that was made for the
benefit of the patients.
Do we humans, possibly the most intelligent species on the Earth,
really need to be so SELFISH?

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