July 17, 2013

Book review : Jonathan Livingston Seagull, Richard Bach

Ok, so this book was recommended to me by my Uncle.
I just read Jonathan Livingston Gull yesterday & I am in awe of this amazing book. There are many books on philosophy, believe-in-yourself, set-yourself apart. But this one was different for me. This book (at least the Part 1) just strikes a chord. & the metaphors are so apt. 
I still feel like flying. The story is about a discoverer, later an outcast, further a student, then a teacher & finally the story of renaissance. Not among the humans, but among the seagulls.
The story gave me a third person (& first-hand) perspective of an outlier. Not someone who has achieved the ultimate peak of the society but someone who has broken away from the society & gone on to achieve the peak of himself.
The story is about this red dot

& it resonates with me.

Even if you are not the outlier in your society, this book is a must-read for a fresh perspective, for the open-minded approach.

Oh, & here is the interesting part, the book is written in parts. It's a small book, yet is written as parts, very important, each one of them.

When I had gone through the first part, I thought the story was complete, although it felt tragic, for the loss of the other gulls, but that is the most beautiful thing about this book, the story does not end at your first peak, it goes on. There is so much more that I want to write but alas it will spoil the fun for the first-time reader.
Go ahead & read it, it is worth it. 

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