July 28, 2013

Early Morning Tribute to Mehra Uncle

Shri B. K. Mehra (19xx-2013) lives on in our heart & mind forever.
A sportsperson himself, he was also a great ambassador for sports.
This post is a tribute to his sportsman spirit.
He had created a sports club in Jawahar Nagar, by the name of Janupyogi Kendra. While he was the president, he allowed no parties there, I mean no marriage functions there, even though it is a huge source of income. He always used to say, I have not made it for people to get married here, but for kids like you & the kids who play on the street, they should come here & play in the lawn. He made badminton courts, tennis courts, established table tennis tables. Later he started vocational training for underprivileged girls & basic computer training for underprivileged kids, a small library too, free of cost to whoever wants to read. You could always donate if you want to.
Till date we are playing there, only because Mehra Uncle had once said, jab tab tum log (ya koi na koi) yahan khelte rahoge, it will be a place of sports. The day people stop playing here, it will become a marriage lawn.
Our every day game of badminton is, in a way, tribute to that great man, Mehra Uncle.
We miss you Uncle.

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