July 21, 2013

Wisdom from A Quora Celeb

This post is courtesy Kruti Munot (www.krutimunot.com) (yes, the Quora celeb.)

It is worth reading, understanding & imbibing in life. The following was her answer to a question on Quora, & she's just a high-school student!

Two things my father always says:

• The best gift you can give somebody to show you love them, is freedom. 

This explains why my parents put very few restrictions on me. They knew I wouldn't misuse the freedom. Being responsible and respecting the space others give me- definitely changed me(positively)!

• There is nothing universally right or wrong. 

Rightness is a relative concept. If you think something another person is doing is wrong, it might be perfectly right for them. Before knowing the purpose of why they did it, you shouldn't point at their action.

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