July 24, 2013

What am I doing in life?

I have no idea.
But that is the answer I know, not the answer that feels satisfactory. Today morning, I woke up & it suddenly struck me, I have lived out 23 years of my life, just like that, doing nothing, accomplishing nothing at all. Oh, I have been busy, not idle, but what have I achieved after these 23 years?
Nothing that comes to mind.

Assuming (for the sake of calculations) if I live to be 100 (& rounding off my age to 25), I have spent 25% of my life & achieved nothing! Age 75-100 have very high wastage => effectively usable life = 75 years => I have already gone through 33% of my usable life & achievements = 0! Nothing that would make a difference to mankind or Earth, forget about the Universe!
Of those (presumed) 100 years of life, the first 50 are prime => half the prime time if life is already gone!

What am I doing?

Oh, & what do I do about it? Blog! 

This has passed all limits of idiocrisy.

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